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Tesla had a green day as it closed at $200 (just as expected), and it gained stronger support. Tesla is also very strong for the long-term! In this Tesla video, I will give you my Tesla stock price prediction, while mentioning Tesla news; regardless of Tesla's short term, it's long-term will be bright with massive growth potential. Tesla to the moon! Tesla is the future!

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As always, remain strong and do not give up!

Investing in the stock markets is a great way for everyday people to create income and achieve financial freedom. However, all the information provided in this video and upcoming videos is to help entertain and educate people; nothing is financial advice. Please due your own DD, and make conscientious decisions.

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  1. Imo if the stupid president would stop sending or spending our money then we wouldn’t be having issues

    1. Ohio train rail chemical derailment with the chemical leak has been hushed by the Biden administration by shooting down balloons/media deflection propaganda-but never mind chemical spills! Media is brainwashing gullible people. Biden didn’t even go to Ohio; instead, in Ukraine, falling down the airplane steps, making a fool of himself. I remember Rey said the market would suck balls until Q4, and I believe him.

    2. Your likely a conservative. Riddle me this. What about that 24 trillion in tax cuts for the rich corporations they didn’t pay for and owe as if this morning just since 1980? Hmmm?

  2. How can I get more profitable investment in the market? Is this pump shorts getting wrecked and liquidated, or any indication of whale, corporate treasury buys?

    1. I strongly agree with you, Donna Patricia’s team is the best, Funds are safe and ROI being sent directly to my coinbase wallet monthly makes it easier

    2. Honestly! Donna Patricia is the key to robust profits. I’m currently on my second trade. Started off with some spare funds and now my wallet is unbelievable!

    3. I coincidentally met Mrs Donna Patricia in a conference in Dallas TX. She enlightened us more on the market and her strategies were really mind blowing!. I always recommend her for crypto investments.

    4. Do “intra-day swings” like if it’s in your favor that day and then do day trading but if not then continue to do swing but choose stocks with good volatility like Tesla and nvidia, etc…

  3. Tsla watchlist 03/03 $210 – $220 call options is on fire !! NVDA, AMD, TSM is up after hours. I belive , tomorrow Tech stocks gonna lead the market.

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