3 Deeply Discounted Dividend Stocks To Buy In March 2023

Looking for the best discounted dividend stocks to buy in March 2023? Today we'll be talking about 3 of them, which I think are insanely cheap right now, and make for great investments to increase your dividend income. These 3 cheap dividend stocks to buy in March 2023 are Kroger (KR), Norfolk Southern (NSC), and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ). Let's get into it!





The ideas and opinions presented in this video are meant for informational and entertainment purposes only, are not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security in any account, and are not an offer or sale of a security. They are also not research reports and are not intended to serve as the basis for any investment decision.

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54 thoughts on “3 Deeply Discounted Dividend Stocks To Buy In March 2023

    1. Most of my activity is DCA’ing current positions trying to build depth…Finally got $CWEN up to nearly $300 and the rest of the positions between $250,00-$275.00 +/-… I do have a couple shiny baubles catching my eye though… $LYB (materials) and $FIBK (financials)

  1. I would wait on NSC until things calm down as I see it going lower after law suits going to come up later.

  2. Just bought KR (Ave under $44) and JNJ (just over $158) last week! Excited to see it on your list! Building up my dividend ETFs first but will be adding to these other positions as I move forward.

  3. MW Intel cuts dividend by 66% in ‘inevitable’ move that was once ‘unthinkable’
    Chip maker is seeking ‘improved financial flexibility’ Intel Corp. is cutting its dividend by 66% as it deals with challenges in its business and a continued need for investment.

    1. @Ryne Williams from Market Watch – Intel cut its dividend by 66% after analysts’ estimates showed the chip maker was expected to run negative cash flow for the next two full years

  4. I can’t get on board with Intel. I’d rather have Taiwan Semiconductor with a dividend and growth potential but that’s just me.

  5. With all do respect. I don’t understand how $JNJ looks attractive when you can get a risk free 5.1% on 1 year t bills.

  6. Thank you Ryne, great video as usual! I own JNJ, KR, SWK, MMM, UNP I’m waiting for NSC to drop a little bit more to add it to my portfolio. Just sold my INTC position at a breakeven (1% up) because of the dividend cut.

    1. All good stuff my friend! Nice job getting a profit out of INTC. I regret to say that I’m in the opposite boat by quite a bit haha

  7. Why’s everyone freaking out over the dividend cut from Intel? Isn’t the whole point of that for them to cut down their debt and improve the health of the company for a rebound in the future? I’m buying more

    1. I think they’re seeing it as a sign of poor financial health. A dividend cut is definitely undesired, but to your point, it’ll help them with their big picture, long term plans. I’m personally holding strong!

    2. It takes guts for a company to cut dividends. My confidence in the management increased after hearing about the dividend cut.

    3. This is a company in trouble. Dropping revenue, huge Capex expenditures. Market share falling. Guidance is poor. This is just more news confirming this is a company in trouble. Could they turn it around in 3-4 years, sure.. But I wouldn’t be buying in while the “ship is sinking”. Invest is a quality company now, and buy back into INTC if/when there are signs the turnaround will be successful.

  8. I got KR and TAP on my watchlist to start adding this month. Seeing KR in your vid gets more even more hype on this choice

  9. I was looking at Kroger, too. I also like Western Union, if the price continues to hover in the $13.30 range — don’t have but a few shares so far. Definitely like JNJ and PG. I am also looking at McDonald’s and am nibbling on Wendy’s already. There is a new subscription-based restaurant trend, and restaurants like McDonald’s will florish in a recession (which looks inevitable).

    1. @Ryne Williams Yes! You pay a monthly fee, and get so many meals per month. It seems to be taking root in lower cost restaurants like Panera and PF Chang, but in cities there are upper end restaurants trying it out. I just heard about this today.

  10. Yeah to be fair, I think NSC is going to tank. I can’t imagine that they are going to have good news for awhile, things are just starting to come out

  11. I didn’t know you were from Vegas! I don’t live there anymore but I was born there and my extended family lives there so I always love going back. I picked up JNJ at 159 the other day. Should I buy more?

    1. Oh nice! Yea I love Vegas…so happy to live here. And I think $159 is a nice price to buy at, I’m going to continue buying more at current prices at least

  12. Union Pacific is one I’d look at if you’re interested in a railroad holding. It dropped to $192 and for a stock that raises its dividend by 10% every year and has a good growth history, certainly worth a look!

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