3 Great Value Stocks to Buy Now for Steady Long-Term Growth

Ben Rains dives into the recent market dip as Wall Street is forced to once again recalibrate its inflation outlook amid a string of hot economic data. The episode then explores three highly-ranked value stocks with resilient businesses—(CAH), (GPK) and (BJ)—that investors might want to consider buying amid lingering inflation and for stable long-term expansion.

(0:15) – Stock Market Update: Everything You Need To Know Right Now (3:50) – Does Cardinal Health Fit Into Your Portfolio Amid Its Strong Performance (8:10) – Is Graphic Packaging Stock Undervalued Right Now? (12:35) – Is Costco Rival BJ's Wholesale A Good Buy? Podcast@Zacks.com

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7 thoughts on “3 Great Value Stocks to Buy Now for Steady Long-Term Growth

  1. ¶¶How can I get more profitable investment in the market? Is this pump shorts getting wrecked and liquidated, or any indication of whale, corporate treasury buys?

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