Commodities Update: Technical Analysis: Higher Dollar, Lower Yields

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higher dollar with lower yields and the trends in these are putting downward pressure on the markets across the board. Oil did an inventory build and a sell off in oil also occurred.

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16 thoughts on “Commodities Update: Technical Analysis: Higher Dollar, Lower Yields

    1. I am pissed. I’ve been waiting since 2014, slowly but surely. Market Manipulation is at play – we KNOW the narrative, no CAPEX, resource scarcity, China accumulating & reopening, but all commodities down. They will not shake me out, but I remain pissed.

    2. Fed’s rates policy is running the world and not China reopening or other BS. Brace for a real impact in weeks and months to come.

  1. So charts, CRB etc clearly trending down, so just keep holding on – maybe lose another 50%, but hope ‘will break trend or reach bottom’ – which been saying past 1.5 years. Also Keep saying ‘short term is least accurate’ why then always showing daily charts – tell nothing and therefore what’s the point of these daily updates and just holding on and hoping – like watching sheep walk off a cliff..

    1. @Brandon Klosterman I don’t think it’s called a pullback, it’s been trending sideways to down for more than a year. The ripping it was very short term and all the gains from that lost quickly. I have a diversified mix of all the popular companies and all down significantly past year and looks to continue. Are you a sergeant at arms for anyone that questions anything on here? Buddy..

    2. @Paul Steen nah just annoyed at novices. It ripped from early 2020 to early 2022 so thats 2 years. It’s been pulling back a little less than a year. Very comparable to previous bull markets. If you can’t handle being down in investments you should no invest at all, especially in commodities.

    3. @Paul Steen btw Paul these are supposed to be long term investments so if your emotions are getting the best of you after just a couple of years you might want to rethink what your idea is of long term or what your idea is of investing. Learn the fundamentals and have strong conviction because most people lose money in the markets because they don’t have their emotions or timeframe correct.

    4. @Brandon Klosterman calling people ‘novices’ because they don’t agree with you – tells me a lot. Also you don’t know what I’m doing if I’m buying or selling or holding. Besides many very experienced people in the industry took some profits last year as they realised the medium term (at least) trend was weak. It is not simple black and white – hold no matter what or day trading. I am very educated and understand the ideas of this channel but can also think for myself, so don’t assume people who don’t comply without question with you are stupid or ‘weak hands’ ‘can’t handle volatility’ etc etc

    5. Didn’t say anyone was weak or stupid. If your novice it’s ok, all I know for sure is you’re in here making snarky comments while commodities are pulling back. You said yourself your down on some of your picks so I suppose your holding. Why does it matter who took profits and when? Many so called experts are frequently wrong. Sure they look good now because they got lucky and sold before things went down that doesn’t mean they’re experts. Yes taking profits can be a good idea when you’re up substantially but don’t pretend you or I or any so called expert knows what markets will do in short or even medium term. You focus on the long term. If charts are making higher lows the trend is intact. Not sure what you’re in exactly but the stuff I own is still in a long term uptrend so I have no desire to sell. I have no need to listen to anybody either. I watch Andy so I can get a quick look at the charts and I enjoy technical analysis. Other than they his commentary doesn’t really matter it’s all about how the charts look and the fundamentals.

  2. There’s some “hidden supply” in the crude oil market that isn’t being widely mentioned. No one wants refined Russian products right now. Russia is likely to add some extra crude to the global supply as refined is displaced. It’s likely that those not participating in sanctions will be buying more unrefined Urals. Grand scheme of things it’s minor, but could be enough to move price short term.

  3. From everything looks good to everything is selling off. What is the point if you aren’t catching the meat of the moves?

  4. I have been increasing my natural gas stakes. My success in the past is based on increasing positions on the way down. I get that it’s smarter to wait for the bottom and load up at the technical reversal but that’s not how I paid the mortgage. The rules are supposed to be don’t fight the tape and don’t fight the Fed in that order. This is complete bulkshit. I am Wayne Gretzky on heroin. I skate where the puck is going based on fundamentals and wait for months and years for it to arrive.

  5. Another kick 🦵 to the balls on all my positions while housing 🏠 inventory is non existent in the zip i wanna buy in with bidding wars starting up again.. Things going swell….FML 🥹

  6. Going downtown! J.P. Morgan and now Morgan Stanley saying market crash. They are the two big boys on the block.

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