Cramer explains why the Fed’s struggling in its war on inflation

Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains why inflation seems to be so sticky, in spite of the Fed's best efforts to get it under control through a series of interest rate hikes.

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5 thoughts on “Cramer explains why the Fed’s struggling in its war on inflation

  1. So how does the FED make the State Department remover the Sanctions that drove prices up?
    Is that concept looking like a Dog barking up the wrong tree?
    Will drinking Cheap Coffee make the Nation Great again?
    This where I push the Razzberry Button……

  2. Bate and switch. There is a lot cheaper food grocery store options. Costco and Sam’s club, ethnic grocery stores and farmers markets.

    Now the real reason why inflation is coming back…the USD index has downtrended 10% lower from October to January. Commodities are priced in dollars especially oil. Russia cut oil production a few weeks ago and gas prices are up 15%. That’s not acceptable because it leaves less disposable income to stimulate economic growth.
    People are tired of working 40 hrs a week and can’t afford to pay for basic rent.
    10-year treasury notes have declined 22% from October highs to January lows. These yields affect mortgage yield, business loans, and investments in Risky assets like stocks.
    The S&P 500 is up 17% since the October lows.
    30-year mortgage rates dropped 20% during that same.
    These factors has affected economic demand for goods and services in a positive way until it became evident in the February 1st jobs report! Crude oil stayed stable between seventy and eighty dollars a barrel during that whole period from October till the end of January until Putin reduced oil production.
    So economic decline has stopped and reversed and it improved economic activity and employment and commodity prices have started to move back up so that’s why inflation is creeping back up now.

    Now tell me how much is Walmart is sponsoring your show Mr Cramer?

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