Dhanwan Strategy | Trade Swing | Intraday Trading Strategies | Option Trading Strategies

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Topics Covered:
1. What is best strategy
2. What is best intraday strategy with no indicators
3. What is best short selling strategy
4. What is scalping in intraday
5. How to trade with scalping strategy
6. How to sell high and buy low
7. How to do intraday trading
8. How to trade in initial 15 minutes
9. What is best intraday trading strategy
10. How to do intraday trading in initial 5 minutes
11. What is the easiest day trading strategy?
12. Which timeframe is best for day trading?
13. What is the simplest intraday trading strategy?
14. What is intraday strategy for first 15 min
15. How to do day trading first 15 minutes
16. What is 15 min intraday strategy
17. What is Intraday 1st 15 min Range Breakout Strategy
18. What is best btst strategy
19. What is best stbt strategy
21. What is price action
22. What is open high open low strategy
23. What is swing trading strategy sniper

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21 thoughts on “Dhanwan Strategy | Trade Swing | Intraday Trading Strategies | Option Trading Strategies

  1. Sir in the video u shave shown 5sma 20 sma and 200 sma but intially u told exponential moving average so is it EMA or SMA

  2. sir strike price and nifty spot price …trading ke time confusion hota haine….aap ek live video banawoo na with entry target and stop loss

  3. sir, i really love to watch and learn from your videos. but i request you to teach us which call or put price to select for trade seeing the current chart and indicator .. please guide on this.

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