Gen Z’s “Anti-Capitalist” Financial Advisors.

They sound a lot like capitalists to me?!

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27 thoughts on “Gen Z’s “Anti-Capitalist” Financial Advisors.

    1. @Adrian Crenshaw As long as my fat acceptance fitness coach hands me the remote and my Cheetos, I think I’m okay with that. 😁

  1. This guy has his financial firm? jesus, i’d be scared to trust them with my money lol. I’d rather go to casino and gamble

  2. Investing to make money is CAPITALISM. Spending money to improve the community or the plight of people is CHARITY. Not hard concepts to grasp.

  3. We live in a capitalist society, unless you’re homeless you participate in this system whether you want to or not.

    Financial and economic regulations are one thing, but being “an anti-capitalist” is just a fancy way of saying that you think people with money are assholes and you have no ideas or ambitions to break out of your current social class.
    A degree of socialism is already baked into our economy.
    If you want to be a communist go live in a commune but being an anti-capitalist just sounds stupid unless you’re ready to commit Fight Club style terrorism

  4. Oh my gosh!! I used to do their books at my old accounting job! I knew that they specifically market led to LGBTQ+ clients, but I didn’t realize it went this far 🫢

  5. As a socialist, wouldn’t they only need basic necessities? They should donate anything above minimum wage to the government.

  6. I feel like an anti-capitalist financial planner would have no idea on how to be financially successful…. Cause to be financially good you have to know how to capitalize

  7. I’d rather invest my money with “Light Money On Fire Incorporated” than with an “anticapitalist financial advisor”. At least the first one isn’t a boldfaced liar.

    1. Thanks for watching DM 👆 are have something profitable to shere with you,⬆️⬆️⬆️

  8. Words have no meaning nowadays. What a mess 😥
    The fact a person is capable of saying they’re anti capitalism and still try and give advice on how to deal with money is beyond absurd.

  9. I thought we were about to get a double ad there when you mentioned buying from sources that ethically source their products (or maybe your advertising good ranchers is just paying off to the point I notice it too easily now)

  10. How to be an anti-capitalist financial planner:

    1. Plan finances in a way that uses capitalism
    2. Make sure you really get across the point that it benefits queer people

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