Intel Cuts Dividend and INTC Stock is Still is a Buy and Hold Forever Stock! Intel Stock Analysis

In this video, I go over the recent dividend cut news on Intel and I beleive Intel Stock is a buy and hold forever dividend stock. As a dividend investor, it is important to review dividend stocks and be a diversified dividend investor. I am excited to see INTC stock grow as a company and see the dividend increases happen over time. In their history, they only had one dividend cut in 2000, which makes me confident for someone who loves passive income / dividend income to have them in my dividned portfolio! Enjoy the video and subscribe!

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24 thoughts on “Intel Cuts Dividend and INTC Stock is Still is a Buy and Hold Forever Stock! Intel Stock Analysis

  1. Nice stock vlog! Great presentation. I personally feel it is a good idea to accumulate Intel stocks at the current price and enjoy high dividend yields.

  2. I just sold INTC, took advantage of being break even with my Avg. Cost and eliminated some stress and anxiety of my life… Still I will keep in my watchlist and may add it again in the future and I also have it on some of my ETF

  3. Much like ATT, the INTC dividend was getting so out of balance that I think we all knew it would be cut eventually. I am down about $3,000 on my 157 shares, so it can’t get much worse — just wait and see what happens!

  4. Great video I am bummed about the divi cut but will be DCA on the way down most likley, they are not going away anytime soon, I never considered it a dividend stock more of a growth stock that had a bonous of a dividend!

  5. There are a few red flags that I discussed on my Intel analysis Video: 1)Operating cash flows and Operating Profits are down significantly (whereas AMD is growing) 2)Gross margins heading to 34% from a historic 60%+ level (for AMD & TSMC its rising) 3)Data Center revenue and operating profits are declining (again, for AMD its going up Y/Y) 4)Global PC market expected to be flat until 2026 (Intel has 47% exposure to PC market) 5)Dividend cuts & China Risk. I have 2.3% position, but I am not “buying the dip” at this moment, because of the potential risks of losing market shares year after year to competitors like AMD or TSMC

  6. The cut really sucks but I think is necessary. We will prob see a few companies cut their divs this year. And I gotta ask why try to talk so fast? Take your time I know you do YouTube on the side but slow it down a bit just my two cents. Take care.. oh I am also buying INTC btw 😅

  7. Are you holding, buying, or selling INTC stock? Got any dividend stocks for me to review? Post below! Make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell for FREE videos!

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