Intel slashes quarterly dividend by 50 cents, stock declines

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Yahoo Finance Live’s Julie Hyman and Brad Smith discuss the decline in stock for Intel.
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20 thoughts on “Intel slashes quarterly dividend by 50 cents, stock declines

  1. this may not be a good sign initially.. however elimination of dividend will get the noob investors out of the market..
    so there will be less panic drops..
    investors focused on the company will be more involved..

    1. when the investor has to rely on company gain.. as oppose to dividend timing..
      the investor researches the company a bit more..
      and the focus is now on the company.. not some random story that doesn’t involve company ceo..

    2. less dividends will be a very good thing to the market and its intelligent investors..
      the dividend investors need to direct their funds to 6 month cds..

  2. Damn it I’m down 20% on intel, and the dividend was the main reason for my investment….think I gotta wait for a temp spike and cut my losses…

    1. Intels strategy is 5 years out. They’re still building the American fabs. No one has any clue how this is gonna play out. Selling now just proves it was always speculation, never a true investment.

  3. Good news, is buy the deep for me it will make millions after new plants start making chips not only for intel but third party

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