Inversing Jim Cramer’s Advice Will Make You Money | US Gov Attacks Google | Crypto Chart Update

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Inversing Jim Cramer’s Advice Will Make You Money | US Gov Attacks Google | Crypto Chart Update

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Jim Cramer's advice may still help some people with sound fundamentals. Still, for the majority, it is wise to choose another option that fits better in terms of risk management, portfolio diversification or any other goal set by them. To play safe, one should also consider things like the company’s business model, past performance, economic scenario, etc., instead of making an emotional decision based on one person’s opinion.

Crypto lender Genesis Global Holdco LLC and two of its lending subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy protection. The company was the largest unsecured creditor of the bankrupt FTX. Genesis is owed $226.3 million by the crypto exchange goliath following its implosion. In a filing, Genesis Global Capital said it had over 100,000 creditors and between $1 billion and $10 billion in assets and liabilities.

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This video is not financial advice. This is rather an educational overview of this project. We hope that this is a great start to doing your own research. We are not here to give investment advice. Please follow proper risk management in crypto.

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