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48 thoughts on “Multibagger INFRA Small-Cap Share | best multibagger shares 2023 | Raghav Value Investing

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  4. Sir thanks for the excellent video… please if you can let us know on guidance for @Jain Irrigation at the current levels

  5. Respected sir please make a video on Niyogin fintech…. all about the company and future plans … thank you .. from kerala…

  6. I understand the message you are trying to convey and I applaud your efforts. Current and future investments are needed to lift people out of poverty and fight inflation.
    There are many benefits to investing, especially when it comes to making the right investments, which requires thorough research, especially when choosing a relevant broker to invest in. Educational videos like this one help to raise investor awareness. I appreciate the effort YOU put into creating this content, thank you.

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  10. ACE, Action Construction Equipment is on a steady growth trajectory as outlined in your earlier videos. For me this was the second video and in the time span between the 2 videos, the stock has already given a decent return. Ready reckoner proof of your solid research. Lucky we, subscribers of your channel. Stay blessed 🙌

  11. Can you please evaluate Patel engineering, it bags two quarer sales in two weeks.. 4 Yr sales in current order book…company turns to profitable.

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