My $1,000,000 Tesla Leap Options Trading Strategy

In this video Matt, breaks down the power of leap options! Tesla Leap options are a very powerful tool in making money, so Matt breaks down a step by step guide on which options to choose and when to choose them. The stock market is in a weird state of flux, but Matt goes over reliable stocks that can help push your portfolio to the next level and make you a ton of money! Stay tuned!

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14 thoughts on “My $1,000,000 Tesla Leap Options Trading Strategy

  1. What happens if the PMCC price goes beyond your strike and stays there through expiration? If I owned the shares they would be sold. W leaps, does the broker automatically sell the leap?

  2. We’re not out of the woods yet in regards to the market being bullish. It’s been bullish since late October but now there are sooo many stresses on this economy including the disaster which Always happens when the Fed cuts rates you will lose another $30K.
    Once the Fed stops raising rates, the market can still be bullish but the moment they drop rates it’s time to SELL!
    Reason is big money moves the market, Fed cuts means Economy Sucks, Safest place for Money Bonds!

  3. Can you buy a leap option say a year out 360 strike and then sell weeklys at a lower strike against it? Say Tesla’s 200 right now can I sell $250 weekly strikes against that higher leap strike I know most of the time you would sell strikes at a higher strike

    1. @Market Moves – Matt Giannino yeah I watched the who video but I didn’t realize that could buy a leap say 400 strike and sell 250 weekly calls bc that’s awesome

  4. so, I didn’t hear the main answer, did you buy the TSLA $500 call or not? if not, will you announce in the member’s chat when you do? thx

  5. If you want to do a PMCC, go for a .80 – .85 delta, that equals 100 shares, then you can sell a CC on it, either weeklies or monthly, depending on what you’re selling against it, I’d go with a .20 or lower delta, if you do weekly’s, you can make about 200 +/- with one LEAP, if you do monthly’s, you can make that 200 +/- not the 1200 – 2400 he mentions in the vid, I think he meant to say 1200-2400 for the year, not per month as he mentioned. If you have 10 or so LEAPS, then yea, 1200 -2400 is possible, but I don’t think anyone would have that many leaps at one time. You would just have to manage this so if the strike gets close to your short call, you can roll it or buy it back.

    1. Yes but wouldn’t make sense unless share was way past ur strike. Ut at any point if ur in the profit or not u can sell ur leap

  6. Matt, last vid you said market crash, why buy LEAPS now? Or Tsla is recession proof?? Where did I lost you why dont we buy LEAPS into the lows following or lets say levereging the same long term stocks we plan to buy..plz correct me

    Long term – I am 25% cash 50% shorting the bounce, will go heavy once we start rolling down ..

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