Natural Gas Technical Analysis: Watch These Key Levels for Natural Gas Prices

Natural gas analysis today on February 22, 2023 as natural gas prices try to bounce. Natural gas prices have not been able to rally for more than 2 days in a row in the last month or so so we will see if we can get any follow thru here. We know April is more likely to be a positive month for natural gas prices based on historical seasonality

Keep in mind that natural gas prices have broken down after more than a week of consolidation. That's a very bad sign for natural gas prices. This includes for BOIL stock and UNG stock. Both BOIL stock and UNG stock are making all time lows again.

We also discuss Cheniere Energy which reports earnings this week and is in the timing band for a short term low. This is a good related play to get exposure to natural gas prices.

The ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas ETF is a very volatile product.

We use the Henry Hub natural gas futures which trade on the New York Mercantile Exchange. We also review ETFs like BOIL stock, UNG stock and KOLD as they are a common way retail investors gain exposure to natural gas prices.

Natural gas prices appear to be awaiting a catalyst like an update on when the Freeport LNG terminal in Texas may re-open. The facility has been closed since June and is responsible for more than 20% of US natural gas exports.

As the downtrend in natural gas prices continues it will be important to use technical analysis and other data driven methods to understand the likely path of natural gas prices. This is the benefit of using natural gas technical analysis to understand which natural gas price movements are more random and which are part of a more defined trend. These same concepts apply to BOIL stock and UNG stock as well as these are popular ways to get exposure to natural gas prices.

We review BOIL stock analysis and price targets, KOLD stock analysis and price targets and UNG stock analysis and price targets to determine the most profitable way to approach the trade opportunity here in natural gas trading. BOIL stock analysis includes key levels for next week. We also provide key levels for UNG stock.

We take a detailed look at BOIL stock price action, UNG stock price action and KOLD stock price action on the monthly natural gas chart, the weekly natural gas chart, the daily natural gas chart and the hourly natural gas chart! We show how to tactically examine a trade on BOIL stock or UNG stock and analyze how to set a stop loss based on market structure and price action. Very clear actionable signals and education so you an learn how to read price action and market structure especially for something volatile like BOIL stock.

We review price action basics as we detail swing highs on the daily and weekly chart and discuss the length of past cycles to give a gauge of what to expect for this current daily and weekly cycle

This is all based on the current price action and it will be a question of how strong a rebound there is from those lows. That will put pressure on the ETF stocks that track natural gas as they will make new lows as well so we look at a BOIL stock price forecast and UNG stock price forecast.

We use technical analysis to review BOIL stock price analysis and UNG stock analysis to see what levels they may reach as part of this decline.

We use technical analysis to determine a price forecast for BOIL stock which is usually used for trading purposes to get exposure to natural gas futures upside. We review the natural gas price chart on multiple time frames including the monthly natural gas price chart, the weekly natural gas price chart and the daily natural gas price chart.

Natural gas trading strategies can be built around cycles analysis especially when it's informed by price action making it a superior form of natural gas technical analysis. In this video we review the current cycle counts including the most relevant which is the daily cycle.

These insights apply for liquefied natural gas (LNG) which is the most common form of the commodity. This is also referred to as liquid natural gas. This commodity is used for heating and other applications.

Previous videos review the following energy stocks but we will include others in the future:

1) UNG stock analysis
2) BOIL stock analysis
3) KOLD stock analysis

We use technical analysis and price action to decipher how different cycles might play out on the daily, weekly and monthly chart into early 2023 as we approach the 3-year cycle low for natural gas prices

Natural gas technical analysis will keep you ahead of the trend and understanding what direction price is moving in.

Price action is reviewed on multiple time frames to best anticipate the current direction and identify reversals in real time.

Use a price action based cycles approach to mitigate risk and maximize returns. #naturalgaslivetrading #naturalgastrading #natgas

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  1. There is typically a follownthrough when a market is so beaten down. That is enough for a day trade. But I have also been tracking this market to go long for investment too. I hope you will point out when the cycle low is in. Thanks.

  2. If it goes lower im loading the boat and dollar cost averaging on down its only the warm weather so if you think next year gonna break this year’s record then sure get beared up but im feeling good the lower we go to 1 the better for me

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