Ransomware Payments Dwindle as New Cyber Defense Tactics Begin | Tech News Briefing | WSJ

Hackers are seeing a decline in the ransomware payments they can extract from companies, as businesses take more precautions and authorities roll out new tactics. But is this a sign the tables have really turned on cyber criminals or are they regrouping with new business models?

WSJ reporter Robert McMillan joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss.

Photo illustration: Getty Images

0:00 Ransomware payments fell sharply last year
0:58 How far down are ransomware payments and are they happening less?
2:08 What has law enforcement said about the changes in cyberattacks?
3:13 What do high profile charges and arrests mean for the ransomware groups?
4:18 Are these ransomware groups changing their business models?
5:27 Have the tables really turned on ransomware attacks?

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13 thoughts on “Ransomware Payments Dwindle as New Cyber Defense Tactics Begin | Tech News Briefing | WSJ

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  2. Decent story, both host and guest were articulate and relaxed. My question might seem silly, but why does Zoe=Zhoee, but Doe doesn’t=Dohee?

  3. No mention of double extortion here. Meaning in addition to encrypting the files, the attackers also steal them and threaten to release them unless the ransom is paid

  4. I wonder if the downtick in payouts is related to geopolitical events in Russia. You can’t make trouble on the internet if you’re dodging GMLRS in a frozen trench.

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