The Countdown For The March Stock Market Crash Has Begun

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The Federal Reserve has made a huge mistake and the stock market will suffer the worst consequences. The volatily we've been witnessing in the past few days marks the beggining of the end. This bear market rally is rapidly fizzling out, and even Morgan Stanley is now sounding the alarm over a breath-taking stock market crash that will change the game for decades.
Powell and his associates are desperately trying to clean up the mess they made both in the economy and financial markets. They’re trying to control raging inflation by depressing consumer demand, but that is hurting millions of Americans and driving businesses to a breaking point.
The last CPI report was a complete and total disaster, with inflation only declining by 0.01% and actually climbing year-over-year. So how are they going to reverse this? The answer is simple: The Fed’s plan is to keep squeezing businesses until they start bleeding more jobs. For them, these are just plain statistics. But for the U.S. industry, American workers, as well as the stock market, higher unemployment will be catastrophic.
The impending death of this bear market rally is going to change the game for good. According to CME’s Fed watch tool, which is based on the Fed funds future used by traders to place their bets in the Fed’s policy rate, there’s a 74% chance the central bank will be forced to raise rates above 5.25%, and there’s a 48% chance by June, interest rates hit 5.5%, which was actually an unthinkable rate just about a month ago.
In order words, policymakers will ultimately have to start raising rates at a 0.5% basis again. And as soon as it happens, the circuit breakers will be triggered and stocks will fall off a cliff. Those who think that the February CPI report will present better news are set for some bitter disappointment. With the Production Price Index going up by 6% in February, we have yet another setback in the battle against inflation. To make things worse, corporate profits and margins are already signaling trouble. 82% of the companies in the S&P 500 have already reported their Q4 earnings, and their profits have declined on average by 4.7%, meaning the market is losing a major catalyst for stock price growth.
A stock market bottom doesn’t look so far away, and giants in the financial world seem to agree with that. On Monday, Morgan Stanley warned that a double-digit loss is coming for the next stage of the stock market crash. In a note to clients, the bank’s chief equity said that “investors are behaving similarly to climbers who blindly push on towards the top of Mount Everest without properly considering the risks.” 
"The bear market rally that began in October from reasonable prices and low expectations has morphed into a speculative frenzy based on a Fed pause/pivot that isn't coming," the executive added. He argues that the S&P is about to bottom out, falling to 3,000 points – or 26% below the 4,080 points it traded at as of Friday's closing bell.
All is going as the Fed has planned: businesses are underperforming, unemployment is going up, and consumers can’t consume due to the soaring cost of daily necessities. Well, everything – except inflation. Is it really their goal to bring inflation down or to destroy all the things that hold this country together? We guess we will learn the answer to this question the hard way. So run for the exits while you still can!

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49 thoughts on “The Countdown For The March Stock Market Crash Has Begun

  1. Yep what’s going up must come down. It’s going to be really bad. I predict some bad stuff happening in 2025. I’m just an older man. Though 🤢🤢🙏

    1. The housing market is long overdue for a reset. A house a cross the street sold for 800k. It’s just a single story home with a few bed rooms, and a garage. That’s it. Who ever bought got scammed BIG TIME.

  2. I know it sounds repetitive but this is gonna be bad. Once it starts there won’t be anything to stop it. Even if the FED pivots it will be too late. This is the end of the dollar and people will lose everything

  3. On purpose, by design. They already have the digital currentcy/social credit score in place. Land of the Dragon was the pre-runner.

    1. Yup. They prepare the crash and when people will be totally frightened, central banks will ”ride to the rescue” with their CBDC…

  4. This video with the doomy narrator ,reminds me of a Laurel and Hardy film ,where Stan and Olly were in a house with the Radio on, a voice announces “After a Dramatic rise in the stock market today there was a crash ruining millions of investors more good news later ” made me chuckle :}

  5. I shorted a lot of stocks in the last 12 months……made profit on almost all of my shorts……bought myself a new 2023 Chevy Suburban LT 5.3L V8……..also took a vacation to Hawaii for a month 🤣🤣🤣

  6. I just have some seeds, some land, some books, some tools… and just need a few building supplies for my greenhouse. At the end of the crash? You should be able to charge what you want for food. Can’t eat art, gold and silver after all.

    Edit; Also, this is the natural conclusion to a debt based economy. Things have been so focused on preventing downturns that the artificial skyscraper we are balancing on? Well, they had to cut corners and now a slight jolt will send it all crashing down.

  7. “And they shall cast their silver in the streets” Ezekiel 7:19 KJV—sounds like economic meltdown where I perch.


    1. @Mike Crovedi Thank you I will message him through what’s apk right away, I see this as an opportunity to escape my financial situation.

    2. When I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was made up stories till i was convinced and gave her a try and honestly i don’t regret the move i made because i invested in a big way, I’m not here to converse for her but to testify just for what I’m sure of, she’s trust worthy and best option ever seen.

  9. Well, sure it is. Sooner or later, you will get it right if you keep predicting the same thing over and over again.

  10. So what are we supposed to do as a country for the economy? Are we to not spend anymore? buy real assets? Save more?

  11. One financial expert predicted that 2023 will be “the year of the NILLIONAIRE” – people whose bank balance is NIL.

  12. The stock market is currently experiencing a decline while bond yields are on the rise. However, there seems to be skepticism amongst investors regarding the Federal Reserve’s plan to continue increasing interest rates until inflation is stabilized. As for myself, I find myself at a crossroads, uncertain whether to liquidate my $250,000 stock portfolio. I’m seeking advice on the best strategy to capitalize on this current bear market.

    1. Investing in stocks can be a wise decision, especially if you have a reliable trading system that can lead you to fruitful days of success.

    2. @Carter It’s understandable that the current mass hysteria and panic are palpable. After all, we’re not used to dealing with troubled markets. However, as you rightly pointed out, there are options available if you know where to look. Personally, I’ve been able to make a profit of over $850k in the last 10 months. It wasn’t a complicated strategy that I used, I just knew that I needed a reliable and robust approach to navigate these trying times. That’s why I hired a portfolio advisor.

    3. @Phil Stones My advisor CASEY ALLEN GRAY, is a highly respected financial consultant in the industry. For further information or to connect with her, a simple online search with her name will suffice. I wish you every success in your endeavors.

    4. @Theressa thank you so much for this tip! Finding your coach was a breeze and I was really impressed with all the research I did on her credentials before scheduling a call. It’s clear from her résumé that she’s extremely knowledgeable and skilled, and I’m so excited to have the chance to talk to her.

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    1. @Jasmine Mccumber I really appreciate your effort, so please accept my sincere gratitude. I’ll get in touch right away and keep my fingers crossed.

    2. Tinamarie is the right person to run to if you’re talking about stock investment, presently I have 6m$ in my portfolio and she is responsible for it, I started off with 500k, working with the right person or team is the best advice for anyone looking to make progress efficiently.

    3. Tinamarie is going far, I’m happy to see this recommendation on her, I remember when she started her career, anyone could tell she had the spark, true genius.

    4. I mad 2 billion from Rufus stock. Wow he is great and recommended by Zelinsky himself. I just found out I can’t take it with me…Damn!

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