9 Stock Market Predictions for 2023

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2022 is coming to an end – and it was a rollercoaster of a year 🙂

We saw good funding, a fall in the market, firms losing value post-IPO, and whatnot!

What does 2023 have in store for us? Here are my predictions 🙂
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94 thoughts on “9 Stock Market Predictions for 2023

  1. ►My new stock market course. You can buy it during pre-launch @ a 25% discount here :
    ►Join my member community to get access to timely analysis:
    ►Check out this exclusive offer by Vested ($10 credited to every funded account who signs up using this link) :

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    3. hi, @personal5574, can you tell what stock Akshat was taking about in community post..? for “Boom in gaming industry”.. just curious..

  3. Short summary:
    1. Markets will be very volatile
    2. 2023 will be good for stock market
    3. Leveraged companies will face difficulties
    4. Ed Techs will exhibit profitability
    5. Boom in gaming industry
    6. Mid & smallcap will outperform largecap
    7. Banks are going to give good returns in 2023
    8. Another crypto exchange is going down
    9. US market will become a winner in 2023

    Disclaimer: Please don’t sell your house and invest everything according to the points mentioned above 😂

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  4. 1:11 Volatile market
    2:32 Good year for stock market
    5:11 Debt heavy companies will get corrected
    7:56 Ed tech companies will exhibit profitability
    9:22 Boom in gaming industry
    13:18 Some safe investments
    15:04 Another major crypto exchange will fall
    16:44 Us market will become winner

    4:16 First half bearish Second half bullish

  5. Nice pick, I’m compiling and picking stocks that I’d love to hold on to for a few years before retirement, do you think these stocks would do better over the years? I’d love to retire with at least $2million savings. Now you gotta rely on a pretty good diversification if you must stay green. Currently up 65% and being cautious. Still better deal than letting it sit in savings or checking earning near 0-1% interest.

    1. @hadden ford ETFs are cool. My portfolio is very much diversified so it’s not like i have a particular fund i invest in. You should probably copy a licensed person more so one with experience of the past bear markets. I copy a chartered financial analyst Karen Marie Emma” Been quite consistent.

    2. @Richard Yepes Diego i am envious i’ve been in the red for too long even before the dip but would like to ask are you giving her your money or the money stays in your accoun

    3. @Brown Hilton You don’t give out funds here. My account only mirrors her trades in real time that’s the ideal for this system.

  6. The belief system to hold a good company which you set on our mind needs to be acknowledged seriously. I have been getting so many good things from you from September 2021. Akshat you may be an angel investor or bla bla. But you saved me from many losses. I believe in Infosys too. I am getting results in HDFC. Good luck 🤞 Akshat. I pray to God to make you win always so we also can get benefits from your underlying messages.

    1. Appreciate your comments
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      investment updates…

  7. Debt to equity ratio of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited was only about 1.18 in financial year 2022 which is quite low. This is the only Adani company where my MF shares are invested.

  8. This is an amazing video and i enjoyed every bit of it. And i’m also excited to share my investment experience so far this year. I believe it will help a lot of people here who are confused on how to startup theirs and be productive for the year.

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  10. That’s very correct sir!! And that is why most of them end up losing they m o ney to scammers.Don’t be in a haste to invest. Know what and who you are investing to and be sure that the person will deliver before investing

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  13. Great video. But i think in my opinion Instead of trying to predict and prognosticate whether or not we’re going into a recession and precisely when it’s going to happen, a better strategy is simply having a portfolio that’s well prepared for any eventually, that’s how some folks’ been averaging 150K every 7week these past 4months according to Bloomberg.

    1. @Richard M Todd Exactly why i enjoy my day to day market decisions being guided by a portfolio-coach, seeing that their entire skillset is built around going long and short at the same time both employing risk for its asymmetrical upside and laying off risk as a hedge against the inevitable downward turns, coupled with the exclusive information/ analvsis they have, it’s near impossible to not outperform, been using a portfolio-coach for over 2years+ and I’ve netted over 400k

    2. @Aiga Jenkinson Yes that’s true,i started investing sometimes in 2019 and by the end of 2020 I pulled a profit of over $750,000 with no prior investing knowledge or skill, I was basically just following the guidelines set by the financial advisor I use, so you don’t necessarily need to be a perfect investor or do the hardworks, just have a professional guide you.

    3. @venice blackwood Interesting. I’ve a lump sum doing absolutely nothing at all in my bank account, i wanna gets something started with it. You seem to be doing excellent for yourself, how do you achieve this?

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  14. I came here to learn how to trade after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $460,000 in 4 months from $160k. Somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I’m confused, I’m a newbie and I’m open to ideas

    1. True, the US-Stock Mrkt had been on it’s longest bull-run in history, so the mass hysteria and panic is relatable, considering we’re not accustomed to such troubled mrkts, but as you mentioned there are avenues lurking around if you know where to look, I’ve netted over $850k in the past 10months and it wasn’t some rocket-science strat. I applied , I just knew I needed a firm and reliable technique to navigate better in these times, so I hired a portfoilo advisor.

    2. @William David that’s impressive!, I could really use the expertise of this advisors , my portfolio has been down bad….who’s the person guiding you.

    3. @Julie Armstrong Reidt I am being guided by my portfolio Advisor *”Juanita Renee Hayes”* who I found on a CNBC interview where she was featured and reached out to her. She has since provided entry and exit points on the securities I focus on. You can look her up online if you care supervision.

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  15. A lot of folks have been going on about a rally and said stocks that would be experiencing significant growth these festive season, any idea which stocks this may be? I just sold my home in the Boca Grande area and I’m looking to remunerate a lump sum into the stock market before stocks rebound, is this a good time to buy or no?

    1. yes, transportation, e-commerce among other sectors are expected to experience growth, but who knows, the market has been a basket of surprises.

    2. Such market uncertainties are the reason I don’t base my market judgements and decisions on rumors and here-says, got the best of me 2020 and had me holding worthless position in the market, I had to revamp my entire portfolio through the aid of an advisor, before I started seeing any significant results happens in my portfolio, been using the same advisor and I’ve scaled up 350k within 2 years, whether a bullish or down market, both makes for good profit, it all depends on where you’re looking.

    3. True, we’re only just an information away from amassing wealth, I know alot of folks that made fortunes from the Dotcom crash as well as the 08’ crash and I’ve been looking into similar opportunities in this present market, could this coach that guides you help?

  16. The market trend can turn around very quickly. In fact, the indexes often switch from a bear market to a bull market when the news is at its worst and the mood of investors is at its lowest point. I read an article of people that grossed profits up to $150k during this crash, what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist?.

    1. This is still a window-shopping market. But there are a lot of intriguing stocks to watch from a variety of sectors. You don’t have to act on every forecast, hence i will suggest you get yourself a financial-advisor that can provide you with entry and exit points on the shares/ETF you focus on.

    2. When it comes to investing in stocks, one of the biggest mistakes investors can make is throw in the towel right when we hit a bear market bottom and the indexes find support and start to surge. I’ve been in touch with a coach for awhile now mostly cause I lack the depth knowledge and mental fortitude to deal with these recurring market conditions, I nettd over $220K during this dip, that made it clear there’s more to the market that we avg joes don’t know.

    3. @Ishan Anand I’ve actually been looking into advisors lately, the news I’ve been seeing in the market hasn’t been so encouraging. who’s the person guiding you?

    4. @Edna .Personally I work with Eleanor Cecilia Schnell a registered Investment advisor. Quite renowned, search her name to get in touch

    5. Thank you for this Pointer. It was easy to find your handler, She seems very proficient and flexible. I booked a call session with her.

  17. After a horrendous 2022, shell-stunned financial backers have misfortunes to recover and a lot to consider, as an expansion report and a pile of different information did close to nothing to change assumptions that the Central bank would probably keep climbing intrest rates regardless of whether the economy dials back, And that implies more red ink for portfolios for the principal quarter of year 2023. How might I benefit from the ongoing unstable market, I’m currently at a junction choosing if to exchange my $250k security/stock portfolio

    1. Concentrate on two main objectives. First and foremost, keep yourself safe by knowing when to sell stocks to reduce losses and reap rewards. Second, prepare yourself to gain from a market turnaround. I advise you to seek the advice of a representative or financial counselor.

    2. In fact, ever since Coronavirus, I’ve been in regular communication with financial examiners. Nowadays, buying moving stocks is quite easy; the trick is knowing when to buy and when to sell. The section and leave orders for my portfolio are made by my counsel. accumulated more than $550,000 from a $150,000 savings that was initially stale.

    3. @Charlotte Flair That is amazing! Since my portfolio has greatly deteriorated, I could really use this advisor’s expertise. If you could suggest a reputable investing advisor, I would be grateful.

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  18. “Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly hard. Hence what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist? I’ve been trying to grow my portfolio of $260K for sometime now, my major challenge is not knowing the best entry and exit strategies… I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

    1. please who is the expert guiding you? i have lost so much as a beginner🥺 investing into stock without a proper guidiance of an expert.

    2. Well i won’t say i have……..His name is “Nolan Velden Brent” can’t divulge much. Most likely, the internet should have his basic info, you can research if you like.

    3. I just Googled his name and his website came up right away. It looks interesting so far. I’m going to book a call with him and let you know how it goes. Thanks

    4. Thank you for this tip. it was easy to find your coach. and I conducted thorough research on his credentials before scheduling a call with him. Based on his résumé, he appears to possess a high level of proficiency, and I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with him.

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