Budget 2023 commits to boost economic growth, safeguard people’s wellbeing, says Fadillah

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof says he welcomes the government's commitment, especially for the people's well-being and prosperity as well the national economic growth agenda.

Fadillah, who is also Plantation and Commodities Minister, said that after the retabling of Budget 2023 in the Dewan Rakyat on Friday (Feb 24), adding that the ministry will emphasise on boosting the participation of local workers to reduce the dependence on foreign labour in the plantation sector.



    1. I think is not about the wage. Give them minimum wage but still stealing rakyat money still also the same. All of them have high income still find a way to get more.

    2. @Jason Elli But I don’t mean minimum wage for a minister, I meant minimum wage as in an for average Joes; RM2500. Let’s not stop there, they should only use a Malaysian made car; proton or a perodua. Shouldn’t have any other income beside this income & their bank accounts should be monitored by a special anti bribery body. But these will never happen, then there will be no reason to enter politics anymore for them 😆

  1. Exactly. Time for real change on automation. Hope for the year, we could reduce foreign workers and increase local workers.

  2. Please stop joking lal Malaysia will collapse without manpower of foreigners locals are not used to hard work!!!too pampered lazy want Money but not willing to work sun rain etc

  3. I think the kulim airport project potentially scrapped too since it’s a huge white elephant and waste of government funds and resources compared to modernizing PIA and Subang airport. And it was probably approved since someone is likely to benefit from it while being much worse for everyone else.

  4. Terbaik DSFY Tim Pm,semoga segala nya dipermudahkan demi rakyat.doakan yg terbaik buat kerajaan perpaduan pilihan Agong ini

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