Budget 2023 | ‘SA policies do not assist economic growth’: Dr Pali Lehohla

As the country gears up for the budget speech today, South Africans are hoping for a reprieve to ease the households and businesses out of the current financial distress. Former Statistician-General, Dr Pali Lehohla, says the government has not done much to cushion the poor, and the state has failed to utilise administered prices effectively to protect prices in the consumer basket, including electricity and fuel. He says the production of energy by Eskom for example, should have been approached as a developmental investment instead of the user-pay system that was adopted, and free public facilities such as general hospitals are at the point of near collapse due to poor upkeep and maintenance. Former Statistician-General Dr Pali Lehohla joins us virtually.

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9 thoughts on “Budget 2023 | ‘SA policies do not assist economic growth’: Dr Pali Lehohla

  1. Until Anc power is taken away or greatly reduced and you get a working party repairing the great damage inflicted on South Africa, I am afraid the dark vale will remain over South Africa and its poor citizens.

    1. Until white peoples power is taken away from them…these are the parasites of our nation before the black and Indian elite. The head of the parasite is whiteness, the neck may be the compromised black pigs but you need to strike at the head!

  2. You cannot create a successful or functional economy based on socialist policies. It’s never succeeded anywhere else in the world, ever.
    Austerity means :
    Difficult economic conditions created by govt measures to REDUCE public expenditure.
    SAfrica is the biggest spender on grants, public sector salaries with one of the biggest govt per capita in the world.

    1. Russia,china are doing very well with socialism.this that is happening hear is pure capitalism, looting state resources in the name of people shall share using BEEE cover up, it’s the public spending that is destroying south Africa,the biggest looter of the money is tenders, contracting system that is the problem with South Africa economy.

  3. Simple solution, follow what Zimbabwe did cut ties with people who only here to suck south Africa dry of their resources finish,some will say where is Zimbabwe, today the world is dividend not is in order take advantage of that with a plan,life is about risk,if we don’t stand up and work next year we will be talking 80% unemployment,mkhulu is right policy direction is important, without a clear mandate nothing is going to work,we need to stand out and fight this crime against people of south Africa.

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