‘Pain’: Stock market plunges after Fed chair inflation warning

US stocks plummeted on Friday following a warning from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell that the central bank’s mission to tame inflation will result in “some pain” for US households. #CNN #News

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103 thoughts on “‘Pain’: Stock market plunges after Fed chair inflation warning

    1. Joe’s freezer is full of chocolate chocolate chip ice cream Jack. What else do you need to know? C’mon man!

    2. ummm….similar question to “why don’t the vaccines work?” same answer-definitions were changed

    1. @Dan Daman Your every post suggests you are every bit the willfully ignorant adolescent you first appeared to be.

    1. Open your eyes dummy we have 3.5% unemployment last month 527,000 jobs were created if we were really in a recession we would be losing jobs unemployment would be going up….stop watching faux entertainment it will rot your brain!!

  1. I’ve notice the inflation prediction fluctuates quite a bit. One day a subjective negative opinion is given, market plummets. Next day a positive subjective opinion is stated, market does well.

  2. With inflation running at a four-decade high, a Recession is now the ‘most likely outcome for the economy. How can I grow my portfolio to outpace inflation and maintain a successful long-term strategy? I have been reading of investors making about $250k profit in this current crashing market, and I need ideas on how to achieve similar profits.

    1. Recession is already here. These propagandists just don’t want to say it because they know it is another nail in the Democrats midterm coffin. These people are corrupt beyond redemption.

    2. @Benito Salazar voting for democrats is borderline terrorism at this point . I’m not even being hyperbolic.

  3. This year has been a whirlwind for me. Not only have I been blessed in becoming a father to a beautiful baby girl, but I’ve also been able to get a great new job where I’m making more money. A question, how do we achieve all that given that the market has being a mess most of the year?

    1. Making money from stocks look deceptively easy. The reality is that stock market is one of the toughest mental games in the world. To outperform the market and stay afloat in this uncertain times, you need a guide so that the routes and paths can become clear

    2. @Liam Bracey I can relate to that on firsthand. I began with ” Katherine Duffy Burke ,” who’s a fiduciary fnanacial-advisor and my gains were guaranteed. In such instances, I would always recommend hiring an expert to guide you through unpredictable markets and simply provide you with indicators and tactics for determining when to join and exit the market.

    3. @Lylah Thompson Hey Lylah , I’ve being thinking about investing for the first time in the stock market , if i should begin investing now or wait until the market bottom i’ve $65,000 on the sideline to place advantageously . Please how do i reckon with the skillset that guided you?

    4. @Colby Ryann You can glance her name up on the internet and verify her yourself. she has years of financial market

    5. @Lylah Thompson Katherine really seem to know her stuff. I found her website, read through her resume, educational background, qualifications and it was really impressive. She is a fiduciary who will act in my best interest. So, I booked a session with her

  4. Awesome! your potential seems limitless. I’m fascinated with investing but being a single mother and juggling all these things are quite difficult. How best can I start and what sector to engage in?

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    3. Have heard a lot about this same woman couple of times my only regret is not starting up on this on time, am glad i could find a way to reachout to her from this conversation. 😊

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    1. @Mark Stanley I’m blessed because if not I wouldn’t have met someone who is kind as expert Mrs Jennifer Watson.

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      platform then I was referred to Mrs Jennifer Watson she recovered the loss and made an extra profit of £4600

  6. Heard someone say the best season for a fin.ancial breakthrough is now, especially with inflation running at a four-decade high. I have approximately $750k stagnant in my port_folio that needs growth. What is the best way to take advantage of this downturn?

    1. Recessions are where millionaires are created. After my port_folio took a big hit in April, I was forced to employ the services of an Invest-ment-analyst who has not only accrued a profit of $250k for me since then but has also taught me how.

    2. @Kathie West Please can you leave the info of your invstment analyst here? I overheard someone talking about how a couple made $200k during this red season. I need such luck lol

    3. @Always Busy My advisor is “Dawn Marie Gatti” You can verify her and use her services if you want.

    4. @Kathie West Thank you for this amazing tip. Verified her, wrote her and scheduled a Phone call. She seems Proficient.

  7. History teaches us that economy crisis is inevitable and it does affect the stock market, I and my spouse are adding a variety of stocks/ETF to our present holdings and we’ve set asides a good amount to start following inflation-indexed bonds and stocks of companies with solid cash flows, I believe it is a good time to capitalize on the market for long-term gains, but it wouldn’t hurt to know means of actualizing short term profits as well.

    1. @Woodrow Right. I’m sure the idea of a coach sounds controversial to a few, but new study by investopedia found that demand for investment coaching sky-rocketed over 41% since the rona-outbreak up till now. And, based on firsthand encounter I can say for certain, their skillsets are top notch! I’ve built a solid 2 years+ working relationship with my coach, gaining rare but useful insights and over $700k in savings with barely $250k capital thus far. All inclusive, its all about proper diversification and I didnt have to give away my money, just crystal-clear coaching on my trading account.

    2. @Phillip Gaiter if you please, who’s the person guiding you? I could really use the expertise of your coach, my portfolio has been down bad 3 months now

    3. @Jerry Campbell Catherine Louise Marino is the coach that guides me. Since its improper to pass contacts on here, kindly look up her name on the net, sure you’ll find her basic info.

    4. @Phillip Gaiter I curiously searched her name on the web and thankfully, I came across her site.. great share!

    5. Here’s another fun fact the stock market is down because of OG Reggie B. I told you guys, no one’s going to get any money until I get mine TQQQ @ 70, 35, 25 and 19. These are all my buy entries they make good trading around information. Don’t say I haven’t given you anything lately peace✌…

  8. Inflation hits people a lot harder than a crashing stock or housing market as it directly affects people’s cost of living that people immediately feel the impact of. It’s not surprising negative market sentiment is so high now. We really need help to survive in this Economy. The fin-Market;s have underperformed the U.S. economy as fear of inflation hammers the prices of stock;s and bonds. My portfoliio of $250k is down to $192k any recommendation;s to scale up my return;s during this crash will be highly appreciated.

    1. @pigsbark My Financial Advisor is Jessica Meador Jones I found her on a CNBC interview where she was featured and reached out to her afterwards. She has since provide entry and exit points on the securities I focus on. You can look her up online if you care supervision. I basically follow her market moves and haven’t regretted doing so.

    2. @Mia Whitlock I just looked up Jessica Meador Jones online and researched her accreditation. She seem very proficient, I wrote her detailing my Fin-market goals and scheduled a call.

  9. With the way things are moving, I think I need to see a video on “How to survive amidst the present recession”. I mean, everything is in shambles. Surprisingly I heard people still make over 100K within a few months, and I’d like to know How and if it is still possible in these times or if I am being lazy.

    1. Ever since the outbreak of 2020 which drastically affected the market, I’ve been running all of my investment-decision through a inv-coach cos there entire ideology is centered around going long and short at the same time using high-profit oriented blueprint and reducing risk-exposure as a hedge against the unavoidable downtrends. Coupled with their access to peculiar data and analysis, underperforming is nearly impossible.

    2. Pragmatically, I have been into all of these for some time, though I won’t say I have made or lost a fortune. Do you mind recommending a specialist whose platform has diverse investing choices? Quite rare! I anticipate your response.

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  10. Despite the economic downturn, I’m happy ☺️. I have been earning $60,200 returns from my $10,000 investment every 13 days

    1. Long term investment is the best now. I invested $20,500 with Mrs Cecile and i top up my trade with $500 every week. Now, I’m having over $147,345 on my dashboard. Toping up your trade is really important..

  11. Being a good investor means being an informed investor. By learning to read an earnings report, you’re taking a solid step toward making smart decisions in the stock market. I’d say that more emphasis should be put into trading since it is way profitable than hodling. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 9.2 BTC when I started at 1.5 BTC in just a few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from Patricia Reo, I would advise y’all to trade your asset rather than hodl for a future you aren’t sure about or hold it and risk loosing all.

    1. Thank you for the awareness here on youtube, it shows how much you want all traders to progress as I have been thinking of selling my 6btc, ​​!! These comments are really encouraging and am going to contact your trader for her signals after work today.

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    3. Just holding no longer works for me because of the constant bearish trends in the market. I’m glad I got to know are, will always speak of her kind and good gestures.

  12. With makets tumbling, inflation soaring, the Fed imposing large interest-rate hike, while treasury yields are rising rapidly which means more red ink for portfolios this quarter. How can I profit from the current volatile market, I’m still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $125k bond/stocck portfolio

    1. Find stocks with market-beating yields and shares that at least keep pace with the market long term. However, for a successful long-term strategy you have to seek guidance from a financial advisor

    2. Right, I’ve been in constant touch with a fiinancial-analyst since covid . You know these days it’s really easy to buy into trending stock`s, but the task is determining when to buy or sell . My advisorr decides entry and exit commands on my portfoliio, I’ve accrued over $550k from an initially stagnant reserve of $150K.

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  13. Very well put; I wish I had more time for trial and error, but I’ll be 56 soon and I need ideas and advice on what investments to make to prepare myself for retirement, especially with the impending inflation and recession; my objective is to have a portfolio of at least $$$k at the age of 60.

    1. Particularly in this bear market, there are many opportunities to profit handsomely, but such intricate trades can only be carried out by knowledgeable market professionals.

    2. Yes, I’ve used a professional like that, an investment adviser specifically, and she did wonders for my portfolio. Initially, I was constantly in and out of the market, selling at a complete loss, but for the past two years, I’ve been mostly in the green, earning steady profit regardless of market movement, netting me over $$$k+ in the past two years.

    3. That’s incredible! My portfolio has been performing terribly, therefore I could definitely use this advisor’s expertise. Who exactly is guiding you?

    4. You could just do a search for the advisor I use, Donna Lorraine Judge, because she is verifiable. One of the most dependable instructors I’ve ever worked with, she has shown to be. I definitely suggest her because she has had a huge impact on my portfolio.

    5. I was just checking out Donna Lorraine Judge’s online credentials. She appeared to be very informed, so I wrote to her about my goals for the financial markets and set up a call.

  14. I’m not kidding when I say that the market crash and high inflation have me really stressed out and worried about retirement. I’ve been in the red for a while now and although people say these crisis has it perks, I’m losing my mind but I get it Investing is a long-term game, so focus on the long run.

    1. @Angelina Rock There are a lot of strategies to make tongue wetting profit especially in a down market, but such sophisticated trades can only be carried out by proper market experts

    2. @David Jackson I agree, my profit has been consistent no matter the market situation, I got into the market early 2019 and the constant downtrends and losses discouraged me so I sold off, got back in Dec 2020 this time with guidance from an investment adviser that was recommended by a popular economist on a subreddit, long story short, its been 2years now and I’ve gained over $850k following guidance from my investment adviser.

    3. @gowon omale I’ve been down a ton, I’m only holding on so I can recoup, I really need help, who is this investment-adviser that guides you?

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