Returns to Scale & Growth Accounting | CUET PG Economics 2023 | CUET MA Economics | PGPQ44 | Q4 |

In this MCQ, we are trying to find, returns to scale and diminishing Marginal productivity and this also contains a part on growth accounting equation. This is a practice MCQ for CUET PG Economics. This is also useful for those who are preparing for Indian economic services and UGC NET Economics. Please solve it and let us know your answer in a comment.
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This is useful for those who are preparing

1) Basics of MA Economics Entrance Exam (DSE/ISI/JNU/IGIDR/MSE)
2) Semester Exam, Economics H
3) UGC Net Economics
4) Indian Economic Services


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    1. @nishant mehra sir statement 1 i knew was false for statement 2 got little confused with e with power t but then did it after writing on paper took around 1.5 min

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