Strategy & Stock Picks 1Q2023 – US Technology Stocks

Join us as our analysts share their thoughts on the outlook for Big Tech (Meta, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google & Microsoft) in 1Q2023!
Strategy & Stock Picks is a quarterly event organised specially for investors to gain professional insights into the outlook of the SG, HK & CN, US, MY and TH stock markets. We hope that through this session, investors can better plan ahead and invest in companies that suit their investment strategies and goals.

0:00 Strategy Stock Pick 4Q23
1:00–4Q22 US Market Performance
5:03–Marco/ Sector Themes
7:37–FED to slow down
9:43–Inflation seems to peaked, but expected to remain high
12:44–Valuation de-rating continues
16:00–FAANGM valuations
17:40–What trends are we looking out for?
25:50–Our recommendation of Big Tech?
50:10–Other Tech Recommendations
56:40–PropertyGuru Group Ltd
58:38–PSR US Stock Coverage
58:52–Technical Pulse
58:58–Outlook of NASDAQ
1:00:44–Outlook of S&P 500

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