Top 3 Stocks to Buy in 2023 (Over TSLA or NVDA Stock)

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The stock market has been absolutely brutal for growth #stocks in 2022 thanks to high #inflation and the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Some of the best stocks on the planet like Tesla ( #tsla ) and Nvidia ( #nvda ) are down by 50% or more. But not all tech stocks are created equal and the 3 stocks in this video could be some of the best stocks to buy now and throughout 2023, including one stock that Warren Buffett just dropped over $4 BILLION into.

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Simply Wall Street's AMD Stock Valuation (39% below fair value!)

TSMC (TSM Stock) Valuation:

ASML Stock Valuation:

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AMD grows Epyc datacenter share:

ASML Stock Investor Day 2022:

Samsung Loses Tesla's Huge 4nm Chip Order to TSMC:

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49 thoughts on “Top 3 Stocks to Buy in 2023 (Over TSLA or NVDA Stock)

    1. Telsa lost -75% ytd, I expect portfolio managers are required to sell Telsa to bring it in line within NASDAQ.
      We hate Elon Musk and tesla owners so we would never buy one. Hope this company goes bankrupt.

      Fugly egg-shaped cars. Wasting a zillion batteries that’s so bad for the earth, children mining the minerals, no way of disposing the battteries, fires take a zillion gallons to put out, fires burn super hot, they sneak up on pedestrians, they’re heavy so they wear out tires fast.

  1. Love Love Love this type of content from you Alex! Thanks for a great detailed video (and thanks for not including any distracting music!!) You are one of my favorite content creators because you are so damn smart!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Alex and happy holidays. I hear, both here and everywhere “chip shortages” and “chip company lower revenue” in equal measures. How is that even possible? If X chips are in high demand and chip maker can’t sell Y chips, then why don’t they double down on X production to increase sales and revenue?

  3. Your analysis sounds as reasonable as the one you made about NVIDIA some time ago. Now NVIDIAs price crashed. How confident are you with these three new recommendations?

  4. Hi Alex ! So which would be your favourite stocks to invest in right now ? At these prices, wouldn’t you be tempted by Tesla, Microsoft or Google ? Or is it still too early? I mean Tesla at 100 bucks, really?

    1. GOOG is the one im watching, the are some big rallys out of the US. Argentina stocks have been in a bull run for a few months now, YPF (oil and gas) broke $9 resitance. PBR, brasilian oil company is at a good price now (under 11 i add more)

    2. @Ali kaan gevrek Rookie mistake. NEVER average down only average up. When we have a new Bull market, these will not be the true market leaders. There will be new leaders.

  5. All three stocks are already in my portfolio but I will add more and more over time. It is such a great set of companies and I would never bet against them. AMD might be the weakest of this pack but Lisa is the best CEO for semiconductor companies and I guess she is already two or three steps ahead

  6. ASML, that’s what I’m interested in. The companies that will build all the new chip plants worldwide. Would not be surprised if ASML doesn’t already have a work around plan to supply China with plants.
    No word about LRCX and AMAT getting a piece of that pie? Well hopefully we get some recession like prices in 2023 to enter in for a long ride.

  7. Thank you very much Alex. as a viewer from Europe, I am really happy that Asml came to your attention. it was weird that only Jose Najarro was covering this company and others had no idea about it.
    Asml is a great moat firm with great management. Its earning files and investors day file are extremely informative and they train investors to understand the real advantage of the firm, however as I said, transatlantic media are not covering enough this company. thanks again for great contents that you keep making.
    I would be happy to see your analysis about the bear case of Tesla over 2023.
    By the way, beside ASML we also have great firms in Europe that may deserve your attention: Dassault Systemes and Adyen!

  8. There is a natural boom and bust cycle in semiconductor chips. As mentioned there was extra demand during the pandemic lockdown, amplifying the cycle. Due to the recession, demand is way down and supply is excessive. Look for a bottom and buy good semiconductor companies.

    TSMC is great IF China doesn’t invade Taiwan.

    1. You said it best. The only reason why I don’t invest in TSMC is because there’s the continuous threat from the CCP invading. ASML is a tad expensive for me, what goes up fastmust come down fast too.

  9. TSLA, NVDA, and AMZN are decent buys right now, but I would only buy a little because all these stocks are likely to keep falling for the next 3 months.

  10. Broadcom (AVGO) never gets any love but it’s a beast of a company. It has held up a lot better than other semi stocks and it pays almost 4% dividend yield. Their product portfolio is diverse, with software as well as semis. They’re also trying to buy VMware which would help on the software and data center side. It’s not as nearly hyped up as NVDA or AMD but that’s why it’s cheaper and will likely outperform them.

  11. Solid video, I am really amped up about AAPL & GOOGL as well as safer plays like TSN, SWK and even for ultra safe VZ’s comeback!

  12. Happy new year to you reading this < Absolutely nice update..Its right to say last year turns out to be less productive in all aspects of the financial market, but all hope was not lost as a trader because most of us got to fall on track mostly when it comes to DAY TRADING by actively earning daily because of the accuráte signaIs and guidance provided by Marnell English .... Within the duration of 6 weeks I was able to accumulate a total of 7.6btc having traded with my initial 0.8btc.

  13. INTC all day, most profitable and best history out of all semiconductor stocks. They are finally investing big on new factories with latest tech that can finally bring competition to TSMC.

    1. @Ticker Symbol: YOU I am inclined to agree after the Xilinx merger.

      Speaking of growth, any thoughts on arcimoto and what it’s failure may mean for EV production growth by EV startups like lucid and rivian?
      And also, do you think WEJO is particularly vulnerable right now due to market and macro pressures? The market is beating the stock in a back alley right now, and I’m curious about the disconnect between its price and its innovative tech.

  14. In_parallel with escalation in the recent years, the recession is now the ‘most likely output for the economy’ and i cannot imagine being a victim of circumstances, my portfolio got a big hit, holding it further wont be any good, ive heard of people acquring hundreds of thousand even on red seasons, how can certify this?

    1. The-current markt might give opportunities to maximize profit within a short term, but in order to execute such strategy , you must be a skilled practitioner.,

    2. @Grayson lucas ïtnarrows down to the strategy applied meanwhile having an FA for investing is genius, Nt long ago amidst the pandemic cra8h in March 2020, I was really having inveesting nightmare prior touching base with an advisor. In essesnce, i’ve accrued over $750k with the help of my advisor from an initial 150 thousand usd investment thus..

    3. @Frederick Michael thats impressive, i have had hardlucks my portfolio has been raging red, who is your FA
      do you mind recommending??,

    4. @Harry Andrej mÿ– FA is Quite known, Catherine Eleanor Klase you can search her name and use her services if you want

    5. @Frederick Michael Catherine really-seems to know her stuff. I found her website after looking her up and reading through her rÊsumë, educational background, and qualifications and it was really impressive. She is a fiduciary who will act in my best interest. So, I booked a session with her.,

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