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Video Outline
0:00 Introduction
1:01 Crypto #1
5:42 Crypto #2
9:23 Crypto #3
12:18 Crypto #4
14:51 Crypto #5
16:38 Outro

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24 thoughts on “TOP 5 CRYPTOS TO INVEST IN 2023 (UPDATED LIST)

  1. *Making money is an action. Keeping money is a behavior, but “”Growing money is wisdom” I figured this out a week ago*

  2. “If you are not in the financial market space right now, you are making a huge mistake. I understand that it could be due to ignorance, but if you want to build generational wealth, and cultivate financial knowledge, you must be in the market.

    1. That’s true but a lot of people today have been having a ton of disappointments in stock and crypto trading in light of helpless direction and awful specialists.

  3. Could you make a video on what your exit plan for these cryptos is? I need some help on when I want to exit exactly

  4. WARNING: If you see any cryptos in the comments below with a ton of likes its all bots and scams. We’ve been removing as many comments as possible but they seem to target these videos a ton – stay safe out here!

  5. I think you forgot to mention the most important one that should be on everyone’s List because it’s court case might very well effect the future of all crypto and that’s XRP

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