260 – Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Asset Management -Nine Out Of Ten Families In The Top Fifth Of The…

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In episode 260, we welcome our guest, Joel Greenblatt, Co-Chief Investment Officer of Gotham Asset Management. In today’s episode we’re talking about real proposals for real problems.

We dig into topics that touch everyone in our society. We get into long-term savings, (by the way, nearly half of all working age families have zero retirement savings beyond what they might expect from social security) and discuss a novel tweak to the model that might deliver critical retirement savings for people who may not be in a position to save enough for retirement. We touch on our education system, where the core issues stem from, and how education might be able to be improved for all. We talk about the advantages of being open to immigration, and how a movement of alternative certification might spur an ecosystem that can improve how the workforce prepares for jobs and offer more direct ways of demonstrating technical know-how.

Make sure you listen all the way to the end, as Joel covers some high level thoughts about how he thinks about value investing and his perspective on markets right now.

All this and more in episode 260 with Gotham Asset Management’s Joel Greenblatt.

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4 thoughts on “260 – Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Asset Management -Nine Out Of Ten Families In The Top Fifth Of The…

  1. Another way to look at the “Doing It Right” program (expansion of EITC) is that it actually reduces the TOTAL tax burden of the lowest income earners. It is certainly a tragic disgrace that the poorest workers with the lowest incomes contribute over a third or more of their annual income to taxes when you consider ALL the taxes they pay. Sales, excise, utilities, tariffs, property, fuel, & many other little bits add up to a lot & thats AFTER they get what is left of their paycheck after D.C. is through with it. Such an expansion of the EITC is not welfare, its laissez faire.

  2. ‘It’s a massive no brainer to invite skilled labor from across the world’

    Oversupply of labor (which big corporations want) has the effect of compressing wages and leaving the worker on the back foot against big business. The idea that mass immigration is just assumed as a good thing is so far removed from reality. There’s a debate to be had and it isn’t a closed case.

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