8 SIMPLE STRATEGIES used by great investors | How to invest in the stock markets?

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If you follow these 8 specific strategies, you are going to make more returns than index investing.

Watch the video till the end to understand them:)
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57 thoughts on “8 SIMPLE STRATEGIES used by great investors | How to invest in the stock markets?

  1. Wonderful presentation and golden Rules of Investment to really make money without losing the cool. Thanks Akshat ji for sharing the words of wisdom

  2. Points discussed:
    (Watch video for explanation)

    1. Stocks do not give returns in a straight line

    2. Don’t look for multi baggers

    3. Don’t track prices constantly

    4. Get more capital to invest

    5. Acknowledge faults and rectify

    6. Don’t buy and forget. Buy and monitor instead.

    7. Understand what you are buying

    8. Hedge positions and avoid over exposure

  3. Brief Summary watch full video to understand examples:
    > Stocks do not give returns in straight line
    > Mkts give asymmetric gains on single day
    > Staying invested will only help you take advantage of asymmetric gains
    > No one can predict multi bagger stocks
    > periodically revise your thesis while investing in the stocks
    > Hold good assets till they give returns
    > have alternate sources of income
    > acknowledge faults and change quickly
    > do not buy and forget
    >understanding reason why you are buying any script
    > Do not over expose and hedge your portfolio for risky stocks
    > Buy in trenches 👌👍

  4. It would be helpful if you provide the link to the snippets and data used in the video. As I believe it would help us with our research purpose

  5. Hi Akshat. Simple snippets. Worthy returns. I have almost got this right on 8 traits. I am new to market. Entered in Nov 21. Saw REDS in almost 14/16 stocks. Kept my cool during Downs. Took positions on good beaten down stocks @TCS @HDFC Bank @HUL. Rotated few. Swing traded @Nifty… Made few mistakes as well. But yes, it’s been green since last 4 months and going up and up and up. Booked profits too. Rotated few stocks. All learnt from @Akshat and @Warikoo. A Big Thank You!

  6. Thanks for the update and keep doing what you do. My journey in the current market has taught me a lot of lessons, thinking about investing diversification certainly is the key, that’s why I engaged in sectors based on projected growth. There are no shortcuts to getting rich but there are smart ways to go about it. professional Eunice Berthold has been my advisor and trader for a while now she has been doing a great job reviewing all charts and trade which has enhanced the growth of my portfolio to a six figures lately

    1. Forex/stock/crypto trading is the best investment anyone could get into. As it could make you rich in a blink of an eye’ trading with an expert like Eunice Berthold is the only key to successful trading

    2. I’m glad to see Mrs Eunice Berthold mentioned here, my spouse recommended him to Me after investing $4000 and he has really helped us financially in times of COVID -19 lockdown here in Australia

    3. came across the comments about Expert Eunice Berthold and I must say she is a genius. I have made huge profits from my investments with her. Her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the efforts she puts in work to make profits.

    4. The crypto market is highly profitable with an expert trader just like Mrs Eunice. I got recommended to her and since then my financial life has been a success.

    5. her strategies is the best i started with a thousand dollars i never thought of making such profits shes really reliable and trustworthy

  7. Excellent video.
    Blunt and to the point.
    It helps me think a lot more clearly about my current scenario. Cheers . !.

  8. Diversification is important but it’s important to understand what diversification actually is.

    I have been investing in market since April 2021. And I have been accumulating significant positions in two stocks that are United Spirits and Airtel. It has given me really good returns. I still hold significant position in both the stock. Considering I had no knowledge of the market I knew I like liquor and United spirits own some good liquor brands and is parented by Diageo. Plus my faith that the coming generation is going to be alcoholic and alcohol is going to be a good part of their life made me take good position in it.
    And I chose Airtel for the network quality and bcz of their expansion in my city.

    I guess these two bet gave me significant return. My friend who told me to invest also invested in 30+ stocks. He has his portfolio diversified and returns divided 🤣.

  9. Three investment strategies I learnt the hard way;
    1. Always diversify your assets. Never put all your eggs in one basket.
    2. Don’t be a bandwagon investor.
    3. Always make very thorough inquiries before putting your money somewhere or better still, get the services of a pro (that way, you give little room for error and get tailored investments). Made my first million earlier this year this way at a time the market was considered down. Goodluck!

    1. …Very sound and realistic. I have been into this for sometime now and though I won’t say I have lost a fortune, I have squandered quite a lot… You mentioned using
      pros, if its not a problem. do you mind telling if you used one or recommending a good one? I could definitely use the help of one right now… I look forward to you

    2. @Mr Moore Funny enough, I can honestly relate. Yes, I used one, I knew next to nothing on the subject when I started. I don’t know if I am permitted to go into details here, but you could
      look up “Stephen Joseph Kohlhofer”. I’m not so sure he takes on new people right now, but you could try.

    3. @Marlena Jarnagin wow I know this smallish man. Once attended a fundraiser he was also in attendance here in Vancouver,, Great speaker with a funny accent,, He’s in the States though, I
      doubt he works with non residents,,,

  10. Needless to say that no one on this earth can predict Stock market correctly. Any person with fairly good analytical mind who has spent couple of years in the market can make his decision. It’s all about managing expectation and taking right strategies at right time. No one shouldn’t be needing any paid subscriptions including Akshat Shrivastava’s for that matter.

  11. Forever grateful and thankful to you, you’ve changed my whole life, I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear how you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, thanks so much Mrs. Ellen Riley

    1. Amazing that you know her too. It’s only been a few months with her, my portfolio has grown tremendously and i’ve been making lots of profit

    2. Mrs Ellen is a prayer answered, I was at that point of giving up when i met her, she turned the tides around

    3. I had my doubts at first when i came across her name, took the risk to tryout her strategies, i was mind blown on the huge returns.

  12. Hi Akshat,

    How should we go about rebalancing our portfolio comprising of Equity, Debt, US equity, and Crypto assets? It would be really helpful if you could make a video on this topic.

  13. Akshatji, this video of yours is encouraging, giving us an insight about stock buying and selling by v. big players, Not Monitoring it is could be costly, Rotating it and Monitoring it also and booking profit is also a good insight. Thank you.

  14. Great video, thank you for sharing. I think it is important to understand how investors think and their mindset before investing. For example, it is worth it to practice patience. Investors win when they have and practice said patience… It is about remaining calm and steady when the market storms begin to hit us!

  15. I am from Spain, my friend in Texas referred me to this channel you make a lot of sense but I do not understand anything until she referred me to a financial counselor in USA that help me to craft my portfolio and over a year we have been working together making consistent profit enough to get me a new apartment and care for parents.

    1. @philipp llobet it is not a he. It is a lady. I see most things she says and use to carry out trades are done by Steve. that is how I know she knows what she is doing. in her technique of over night trading she says she use stop loss and take profit strategy. She trade on her account and it reflects on your own

    2. @philipp llobet Her name is Laura Marie Keilman. Look her up online, she is quite popular in the united states and she is a certified financial adviser in order to put you through the procedures of achieving your dream portfolio.

    3. @philipp llobet I have referred a few of my friends, she is working with them currently and they have improved greatly with their finances. I have made 153,000 usd since Nov with a capital of 10,000 usd that i initially deposited, she collects her fees after you have made profit and her style is such that I am in control of my funds and to a large extent also what happens on my account

  16. Is this really a good time to buy stocks? I know everyone says the mrkt is ripe enough for buying but will stocks tank further this year? How long until a full stock recovery? How are other people in this mrkt raking in over $250k gains within months, I’m really just confused at this point.

    1. It came to my notice as well, a lot of folks are making huge 6figure killings in this downtrend, only just that such technques are mostly successfully executed by folks with indepth mrkt knowledge.

    2. I agree, my profit have been quite consistent, regardless of market situation, I got in early 2019 and the constant downtrends and losses discouraged me so I sold off, got back in Dec 2020 this time with guidance from a portfolio-adviser that was commended by a popular economist on a subreddit, long story short, its been 2years now and I’ve gained over $850k following guidance from my investment adviser

    3. I’ve been thinking of going that route, been holding a bunch of stocks that keeps tanking and I don’t know if to keep holding or just dump them, think your coach could aid me with portfolio-restructuring?

    4. My advisor is “Nolan Velden Brent” is highly qualified and experienced in the financial market. he has extensive knowledge of portfolio diversity and is considered an expert in the field. I recommend researching his credentials further. he has many years of experience and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the financial market

    5. Thank you for sharing; I just Googled his name and his website came up right away. It looks interesting so far. I’m going to book a call with him and let you know how it goes

  17. I had started investing in ITC from the year 2019 and slowly started adding without keeping any heed to all the noise and memes around the stock. I see my family consuming lot of their products and people around me do consume lot of ITC products. I use my common sense to pick my stocks. My top pics were Kajaria Ceramics, Indusland Bank, Berger Paints, Asian Paints.

  18. Phenomenal video Akshat! You should become professor/teacher very simple and clear understanding of concepts

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