‘Apple’s in control of its own destiny’, says Jim Cramer on Apple’s market resilience

'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer discusses Apple's recent performance and its ability to weather difficult market conditions.

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28 thoughts on “‘Apple’s in control of its own destiny’, says Jim Cramer on Apple’s market resilience

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  2. When Jim rolls up his sleeves he reminds me of Obama. Obama would roll up his sleeves at factories like he was a hard worker. I bet neither ever mowed their yards!!!!

    1. How does the technical analysis look for Disney stock? I have shares. The MACD is in freefall but even though price just took out the March low, MACD still is a higher low (bullish divergence) but it always could be negated if the MACD keeps falling. Overall, the stock is insanely cheap so why does this need to go to new multi year lows if Netflix and Amazon stocks are doing well?

    2. ​@LRF Car Reviews I can’t comment on technical analysis, I don’t believe in it. Netflix is the only profitable streaming company. Amazon is a leader in e-commerce and cloud segments which will continue to grow. They have good long term growth prospects. Disney on the other hand has gotten itself entangled in politics which is a sign of poor leadership. It has a lot of debt on its balance sheet. Cable and Espn are not doing well. Streaming is losing money. Parks in the only saving grace. I had a position in Disney which I sold at 0$ profit when it popped when Nelson Peltz bought the stock.

  3. S&P price TODAY has 75%+ of any event for the next 18 MONTHS priced in. TODAY was a good day for the NASDAQ, it was approaching TD13. ALSO, Microsoft and Apple = approx 14% of S&P, and approx 27% of NDX. Did you know there’s an ETF that’s literally Inverse Jim Cramer?

  4. “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill

  5. *GERMAN ROYAL FAMILY: As always Churches/Westfield Shopping Malls was always two each since 1977 Hasbro Inc. St Basil Cathedral and NASA IBM and Apple Computer Inc. Tesla Inc.*

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