Distinguished Speaker Series with Howard Marks, ’69

Howard Marks, '69, co-chairman and cofounder of Oaktree Capital Management, spoke with Dean Rajan on January 26, 2023.

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24 thoughts on “Distinguished Speaker Series with Howard Marks, ’69

  1. I always enjoy listening to and reading anything Howard Marks puts out. Buffett puts it best, “I always learn something.”

  2. Mandatory first 10 mins of each Howard Marks interview. Studied Wharton, junk bonds, nifty fifty, and so on. Next time someone interviews Howard just skip that please 😅

    1. Lol… you’re spot on. I just like how HM has deliberately defined, refined and redefined his investment philosophy over time. Such a patterned professional.

  3. Excellent interview, except for several missteps on the part of Howard Marks at the following:
    1) At 2:12 – sanctimoniously corrects interviewer that he attended “Wharton” , not “Penn”.

    2) At the end, Howard Marks makes a disgusting joke referencing common dog behavior that cannot be repeated in this forum.

  4. So impressive as always. Listening and reading what he’s said, It still suprises me how objective he is in gauging market sentiment. Good interview.

    1. It is refreshing to hear a second level thinker and not some mindless politico yammering about trans people or equality or the enviornment.

  5. Holding the Nifty 50 from 1969 until today wouldn’t have worked out very well, but if you bought in 1970 after Walmart IPO you would have outperformed the market by nearly 4x just because of Walmart

  6. Good interview as it covers the timeline of Mr Mark’s career and how he learned from his experience as time went on…His books are required reading for serious investers…

  7. Why are they always asking about cycles? Suppose you learned to turned lead into gold, would you tell anyone? would you answer the question on Youtube?

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