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In this video, we looked into the complete fundamental analysis of Angel One. The number of retail investors in India boomed in recent years with the onset of the pandemic. It brought a new set of small and big traders and investors learning and implementing their skills in their free time. This benefitted multiple companies which earn from activities in the financial markets. Here is the fundamental Analysis of Angel One.

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Fundamental Analysis of Angel One
We’ll start off our analysis by getting ourselves acquainted with the history and business of Angel One. Later, we’ll look at the stock broking industry landscape in India. Then we’ll move at pace through the financials of the stock. A highlight of the future plans and a summary conclude the article at the end.

Company Overview
Angel One Ltd. (formerly Angel One Broking Ltd.) was founded by Dinesh D. Thakkar in 1996. Fast forward to the present date, it is one of the most prominent retail stock broking companies in India.

Angel One offers stock broking, advisory, margin funding, loans against shares, and other financial services through its mobile app, website, and authorized persons.
The stock broker employs over 3,300 people. In addition to this, it has the largest authorized persons network of close to 18,000 under its digital platform Angel NXT which helps the company to bring business while creating indirect employment opportunities at the same time.

Its client base stands at 13.8 million, accounting for 12% of the total Demat accounts held in the country. Furthermore, Angel One ranks second in terms of NSE active members having 4.3 million or 13.1% of the total active members. The company has been gaining market share across various segments for the last few quarters.
We got a good overview of the business and sector leadership of the company. Let us learn more about its business in the next section on the business segments of Angel One.

Disclosures and Disclaimer: Investment in securities markets are subject to market risks; please read all the related documents carefully before investing. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Details provided in this video are for educational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice by Trade Brains. Investors should consult their investment advisor before making any investment decision.

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