ICAHN Enterprises (IEP) Drops 40% On Short Seller Report (20% Dividend)

IEP or Icahn Enterprises drops 40% on a short seller report. This brings the dividend to over 20% based on the fall of the stock price. Is this an opportunity or something to avoid.

Leave me a comment on your thoughts. Enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “ICAHN Enterprises (IEP) Drops 40% On Short Seller Report (20% Dividend)

  1. Icahn has paid a dividend for like the last almost 20yrs so that should say something. It is a risky play but if drops more it might be worth opening a smaller size holding just for the juicy dividend. And if the price shoots back up that’s just icing on the cake

  2. In the last 4 consecutive quarters, IEP has a negative EPS of: <0.75>, <0.74>, <0.37>, & <0.41>. I would not touch a company with 4 straight quarters of big losses. I agree with the short seller, eventually the big dividend will need to be cut. No company can have big losses, and keep paying big dividends, even with a guru leader. This is an example of a company with a famous person, running a company during a time of cheap money creating excess…. Maybe it bounces back, but IEP has bad risk/reward.

  3. Awesome Video! I just made a Carl Icahn video haha and I was looking on Youtube for others who had too. Subscribed!

  4. Can you do an analysis on AQST? They got a $24 price target and only $2.50 right now. They make oral film medicine like listerine strips and are bringing an end to needles. Also are now profitable. Might be a good swing play for us to like $4-6

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