Stocks to Watch Tomorrow | Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategies | May 25, 2023

We publish stocks ideas identify based on the Ichimoku Cloud Rules. Learn how to trade using Ichimoku Cloud Trading System with us and create a passive income for yourself. It's time to create your path to investing. We analyze 4-8 stocks daily that are currently fit in Ichimoku Cloud Rules. Watch the video till the end to understand the analysis & create your own watchlist of the ideas posted by us. Ichimoku Cloud is not the indicator but it's all in one Trading System and used by portfolio managers of Wall Street. In India, we are the pioneer of using the Ichimoku Cloud, starting from identifying the stocks, analyzing the stocks and identify the SL & Target based on the Ichimoku Cloud Trading System. Apart from it, we are also using the other indicators which help us to define our Exits. In Nutsheel, Ichimoku Cloud is used for entry & SL and other indicators to exist the trade.

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About Me :

I am Nikunj Bhadja, holding MBA and CFA Charter. Overall 14 years of experience in financial market. My stock market journey started in 2008. I am passionate about the data, technology and education. From last 3 years, I am involved in empowering people with the right learning in financial market and looking forward in helping more retail investors and traders about Ichimoku Cloud Trading System.

Disclaimer : All the videos made on this channel are for educational purpose. Investing and trading in stock markets is a risky business, hence please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before investing or initiating any trade on the stock ideas posted on this channel. Nikunj Bhadja doesn't give any tips or calls, simply expresses views for educational purpose.

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