Why I’m still holding Icahn Enterprises IEP stocks

Why I'm still holding Icahn Enterprises IEP stocks

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⭕ Today's video is about:

0:00 The unusual structure of IEP
4:31 Overvalued
6:36 Unsustainable dividends
9:27 Suspicious activities
11:22 Hold or Sell?

Why I'm still holding Icahn Enterprises IEP stocks

Hindenburg Research posted a short report on Icahn Enterprises $IEP and announced they are shorting the stock. This lead to a crash of over 30% in IEP.

Icahn Enterprises is the main investment vehicle of legendary activist investor, Carl Icahn. The company is structured as a master limited partnership with Carl Icahn owning 85% of it.

According to Hindenburg Research, there are three problems with Icahn Enterprises:
1. It is overpriced compared to peers
2. The 15% dividend yield is unsustainable
3. Some of their assets are inflated

In this video, I look at the report and I share my views on it and why I'm still holding.

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  1. Really overvalued, even if it’s not, his performance has been very poor, and his position it’s used as collateral fot personal loan, all good as long as the stock price was high, now there’s a really possibility for margin call, resulting in a cut for dividend at best, at worse it will result in a sharp sell of the stock. Careful with this. Also he is also really old, new management could do even worst with the investment funds.

  2. I’ve been short shortly after the report, so i do have a short interest in this stock.

  3. Adding pressure from regulator’s and lack of transparency the stock won’t recover. Really high risk investment. He also admitted poor decisions over the las 8 years. No new catalyst for a rebound. But i guess time will tell. I think it will close at $20 at the end of the year

    1. @K Bro It is a bumpy road from now on with this stock, so many uncertainties. While the price is low, it could get to the low 20’s and stay that way for a while. My guess it will need to cut dividend at some point or have a miracle activist investor move to stabilize.

    1. @Value Investing with Ishfaaq It’s 10% of my portfolio. Im down over 40k. From my experience professional financial advisors only know how to use the cookie cutter approach. What price you see this at by the end of the year?

  4. The divdend will be the main reason why people will stay and hold with iep. If there is a divdend cut i wouldnt be surprise, the stock will drop. It took 2 years for iep to hit around 50 a share l. It might take that amount of time to recover, especially if the feds find nothing wrong with the company.

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