🔥Micheal Burry & Warren Buffett – ARE THEY WARNING OF A STOCK MARKET CRASH? (Best Stocks To Buy Now)

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🔥Micheal Burry & Warren Buffett – ARE THEY WARNING OF A STOCK MARKET CRASH? (Best Stocks To Buy Now)

Warren Buffett and Michael Burry just put the whole world on notice. He sees the writing on the wall and is going basically all in on it. This is something I did not expect right now, but maybe in Q3…but here we are.

It is time to take a look at the next possible sector to get some action. I am buying into this and I do believe we could see a run up very soon…no guarantees of course, but signs are pointing to a short term bottom now.

The top stock picks are here. I get asked about what stocks to buy and and basically what are the top stocks to buy for January. I believe this list will answer those questions on what what stocks to buy. If you are looking for the best stocks to invest in 2023, then I believe we have a good video right here. There are quite a few top growth stocks 2023 that should be considered. The best growth stocks to buy now are here. Michael Burry text and Michael Burry warning is in this video.

Are we heading for a recession? A recession 2023 or recession 2024 are definitely getting more probable. I see a recession personally in 2023.

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🔥Micheal Burry & Warren Buffett – ARE THEY WARNING OF A STOCK MARKET CRASH? (Best Stocks To Buy Now)

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21 thoughts on “🔥Micheal Burry & Warren Buffett – ARE THEY WARNING OF A STOCK MARKET CRASH? (Best Stocks To Buy Now)

  1. You’re a blessing, stay safe always Moe! I salute you for being a responsible dad! God bless and don’t stop with the videos be it inside or outside, it inspires us and keep us informed!

  2. Great video Stock Moe and thanks for keeping it real! Now if the stock market does crash will this affect crypto?

  3. I really like walks. It’s a good time to reflect as well. I think it will be a good format for you AND us. Really I think wherever you are Moe, people wanna hear your knowledge.

  4. Big moe the sound is great out there you and the core 4 have opened my eyes to how the system works and makes me more eager to learn not just with stocks just in general wish I had this mindset in my early 20s but it’s not too late I’m still kicking thanks my friend

  5. Good morning Moe. As long as you are willing to share your research, I don’t care if it’s from a bowling alley. Thank You!

  6. I’m learning more about what’s happening in the world here than anywhere Al’s. So thank you keep it coming ❤

  7. Hey Moe, I definitely prefer this format of video over the usual studio. Love the content you provide to us, each and everyday!

  8. I’m just glad that I set stops on my holdings at ATH and locked in those gains. Will buy back when the downtrend turns around.

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