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🔥WARREN BUFFETT JUST SOLD WHAT? BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT! BUFFETT IS MAKING MOVES! We go over the big move that Buffett just announced. I always say that you have to really watch the actions of a person or company over what they are actually saying. This video goes over that exact thing with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger over at Berkshire Hathaway.

I go through how to invest 2023 version for a recession. I have many warning signs that I go over as well. You need to see this video. The banks came out and said some things about what we can expect very soon. It was not good news.

I go over the stock market and talk about how I see 2023 playing out and how I will be investing into it. Will we see another official correction in the S&P 500 or will it turn into an official bear market of 20% or more loss? I go over my opinion on this and the stocks I just bought. We saw a ton of red in the stock market today from what I believe is partly because of the Fed. We take a look at the best growth stocks 2023 and the best stocks to buy now. The best growth stocks to buy now are here.

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  1. I was told to buy BRK when it was around $3500/shr – at the time I couldhave purchased 2 shares (I was in my early 20s – now 59). No way I thought — should have done it! I purchased MRK instead and made quite a bit – but obviously not as much.

  2. Good morning Moe. We have 3 daughters in their 30’s, when you say inflation is all not that bad they cringe. They are paying as well as us over $700 more for consumer goods, insurance, and gas per month. These businesses are not letting up and dropping their prices inline with the inflation index. They are wreaking in profits at our expense. Supply will get full when the public stops buying and one would hope then prices go down.

    1. He is talking about inflation rate. It was so high last year,we could see 0% and people would still think it was high. It would have to go negative to see price decreases. All that said I agree with you that this inflation wave has been more about corporate opportunistic greed than long term shortages.

    2. I was talking about the current inflation rate…not what prices used to be. Greedflation has pushed us to this point.

    3. I’m only 24. Is it bad that these prices seem like the norm to me? I never paid attention to prices when I was really young. $3/gal for gas is what I’m used to.

  3. Good morning Moe. Thank you for sharing this. Look forward to hearing about which stocks he sold off. 👍

  4. Come on over and join the Patreon today. Link up in the description. You can also invest in the Stock Moe channel today over at GigaStar…link up above as well.

  5. I have been DCAing and buying LEAPS on TMF. I plan to hold awhile. Is there an usually high management fee on TMF? TY for all you do.

  6. And Michael Burry seems to have gone all in with shorts to SPY and QQQ. 93% of his fund. Now that’s bearish 😅

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