US Share Market To Fall Soon ? | Warren Buffett और Michael Burry के पास है बाजार का बड़ा रहस्य?

US Share Market To Fall Soon ? | Warren Buffett और Michael Burry के पास है बाजार का बड़ा रहस्य? America में ये क्या हो रहा है? आज के लिए क्या है आगे के संकेत? #AwaazExplainer | अमेरिकी बाजार में तूफान के पहले की शांति? देखें वीडियो और जानें विस्तार से.


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36 thoughts on “US Share Market To Fall Soon ? | Warren Buffett और Michael Burry के पास है बाजार का बड़ा रहस्य?

  1. Excellent sir…. those jokers in other hindi channels cannot think of all this things…keep it up sir..nice video ❤❤

  2. All these developments will boost indian market.If chinese and americas market goes down ,then definitely that money comes to indian market ,due to which I think we may see a big bull run.

  3. India does not depend in others for wheat and rice and if market slows down ,then crude oil and natural gas price came down ,good for india .Due to make in india we try to decrease our imports. So be bullish on india.

  4. Important thing!!!!!!!! next year have election in india… Will government let happen anything wrong in the market?? 🤔.. I don’t thing so there will be any crash in the market.. But some stocks will go down(book profit) n another’s will go up(chance to buy those) . So just play smartly

  5. Shandaar Neeraj Ji, one of the most versatile anchor and analyst of CNBC Awaaz, your method of explanation in Hindi beats everyone

    1. There is big difference between listening and understanding. Understand before writing comment. US and China market will crash but not India. India only correct few point due to other global market crash. Only people who invest in US and China will worry but who invest in india.

  6. Sir, you are right absolutely right.. but these data you can get in forex factory. I was watching the podcast for analysis on the basis of data and that analysis was absolutely MISSING. buying capacity is reducing all over the world. On that basis the companies are reducing the production. Fed is eyeing on a rate hike so that unemployment rate can get increased at the same time they want to keep the unemployment claims check. Fed is interested to reduce the inflation in any means. Hawkish sentiment is in Fed. They want to send US in a soft landed recession with huge employee lay offs.

    They have targeted 2% inflation.. but with the scenario they can accept 3% .. but another rate hike is on the table firmly.. rate pause will be there. But rate reducing process can be expected after 2024 March.

    Bond market on the boom after hawkish Fed. Nasfaq started bleeding a bit .. in order to keep the DXY under a controlled range they need a soft recession. US is printing $96 billion every month.

    China was saying they will liquidate the US bond as a whole. Then a very powerful man visited China from US 2 weeks back.. global hedge funds are mobilizing from one place to other places.

  7. In the Stock markets short sellers / Bears have always been present. No need to panic and add to short sellers’ profits. Just postpone your buyings if we feel times are uncertain . ///

  8. Neeraj sir aapko sunne ke liye subhah 7 baje uth jata hu bahut badiya aise hi guide karte rehna sir thank you ❤❤❤❤❤

  9. I’ve had majority of my holdings in tech stocks and irrespective of market changes, I’ve done pretty well especially with apple’s P/E(price to earnings ratio) gaining over 30% this past decade, now my questions is what stocks do you think will be the next apple in terms of growth for the next decade.

    1. It might be difficult finding the next apple within the tech stock sector, apple has performed way better than the others, maybe look outside of tech stocks.

    2. Well things are different now, same market strategies applied over last decade wouldn’t apply to the current market, so to actually figure out how to outperform the market and stay afloat for the next decade, you should reach out to a financial advisor, that’s how I’ve managed to gain over $450k in profit this past couple years

    3. Camille Alicia Garcia, is my portfolio-coach, I found her on Bloomberg where she was featured, I googled her name on the internet. Fortunately I came across her website and reached out. You can go verify yourself.

  10. No worries for me, I don’t try to time the market. When I see stocks fall below their fair value with some margin of safety, I buy. The last 2-3 months have been one hell of a shopping spree for me. I have literally like $2000 cash investment left. I’ll probably miss a few times in the next few months, but who cares as long as I have value?

    1. I used to lose so much trading till i was introduced to Mr Ramakrishna strategy. Now after 14 days, I’ve made good profit and feel confident of making more in the coming months. Thank you Mr Ramakrishna for guiding me into the world of Stock..

  11. The US economy is grappling with uncertainties, global fluctuations, and pandemic aftermath, causing instability. Rising inflation, sluggish growth, and trade disruptions need urgent attention from all sectors to restore stability and stimulate growth.

  12. To reach your potential, you need to start working towards it Investing remains the smartest way to prepare for the unexpected. Been in the space for 6yrs and extremely pleased with the decision I made. The good news is – it’s not too late.

    1. Though tempting, trying to time the market is totally a loser’s game. Invested some $ in few stocks but haven’t seen any profit yet…. Read more

    2. Understanding your financial needs and chalking out a plan is very vital. If I could advise you, seek the help of a professional. … Read more

    3. Eva Yazhari is the best in this space,I’m happy I came across these recommendation. I have work with her and I am impressed

    4. I’m delighted to engage in this opportunity, I just found the professional web page on Facebook and have already written her

    5. YouTube has been of great help to many facing challenges of making a living for themselves and facing challenges on what to invest on

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