Warren Buffett Is Betting BIG On The US Housing Market

Warren Buffet just made a big bet on the US housing market by investing $814M across 3 different home builders at a time when mortage interest rates are hitting 23 year highs and housing affordability is sitting near record lows. In addition, you have Dave Ramsey and Barbara Corcoran saying right now it's a good time to buy a house. Should you buy a house now or wait for a housing market crash? What does the housing market forecast look like for 2024?

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  1. Of course Warren Buffet is saying that. He runs one of the largest real estate companies. Best to wait 2-3 years to buy. This is the absolute worst time to buy.

    1. All 3 of the people mentioned make the majority of their money on housing. Buffet is just way more wealthy and a long-term investor, so eventually, he will get his money back

    2. ​@Adolly LawsonYou’re right. And where do you live now? Gotta live somewhere. If you can’t buy you’ll rent. No incentive to build too much as it keeps prices higher. Look at BTR and you’ll see the bigger picture.

    3. @C B People buy houses to sell in the near future and make a profit no to live. That’s how u build wealth. u can’t buy a house where more than 85% goes to taxes and fees couple with maintenance and repairs that comes with an house, u better of living in an apartment now. To fix this problem, we need inventory from wealthy people, investors, and builders who are hiding the inventory. Middle class and lower class can’t trade their lower mortgage payment, lower house cost, and lower rate for the wealthy.

  2. I think this is the peak. If you are willing and/ or able to wait till people accept a ‘new normal’ range for interest rates and home prices ( 7.31% and 415k ) You will be ok as an investor. Specially if you invest $ 800 million but that’s not necessarily a sign of improvement for the regular Joe.

    1. we have a low inventory, which will continue to rise. No one who bought at less than 3.5% will be selling their properties any time soon!

  3. If you’re willing to forfeit your down payment and don’t mind being submerged in expenses, purchasing a house might be the right choice. Warren Buffet, renowned for his extensive real estate holdings, undoubtedly advocates for what he possesses.

    1. Homeownership isn’t for everyone but those that decide (65% of americans at any given time) will end up financially better off (44x greater net worth) than renters. It’s a FACT! That said, you have to buy when it’s the right time for you.

    2. @Jeb Smith Wishful thinking now for upcoming days forward . Buy now under water for years in home value . Lousy timing now it was great while it lasted it is time to sell all homes . Cash out time now don’t miss the boat the window to profit will close soon .

    1. Seriously speaking with the money printing going on, I can see tangible assets going up. The ordinary people are in recession but those greedy buggers have lots of cash which they do not want to hold for the foreseeable future.

    2. More obvious? Please explain. Housing is at an all-time high and climbing. Supply is low, which will continue to push housing prices higher. If you’re sitting around waiting for a housing crash, you’re mistaken and going to cost yourself in the long run.

  4. Big picture: home prices up 40% since 2020, interest rates double, car prices, everything, and a 5% wage increase. Consumers are tapped out hence the lowest mortgage applications in 20 years.

    1. Yea there’s no reason to buy a home right now. If that mortgage payment is going to hurt, simply… DONT DO IT.

    2. Good environment for the ordinary people to own nothing while those jackass will park their easy monies on real estate when bank collapse.

  5. The only thing keeping house prices up is the low inventory. What is going to happen when inventory comes to normal? The housing market is holding by a thread.

  6. Remote workers have a bit of an edge. Houses in more rural areas are still reasonably priced, even with the higher interest rates some lenders out there are offering five year pledges to refinance with no appraisals or fees if interest rates drop in the next five years.

  7. When I started listening to your videos, I had a hard time understanding the housing market and it was difficult to learn it. After watching your videos for about 1 year now I feel so educated and I understand the market. Thank you so much for this channel, I have learned so much and feel more confident buying my first property!! THANK YOU

  8. Yes yes 🙌 👍 this gets me very excited. I want to see builders to go on full throttle with the new construction. That’s gonna be a beauty to watch 😂 people are gonna loose their asses 😢 left and right by the millions while I’m going shopping.

  9. My beliefs are if the rates are decreased it will be extremely difficult for middle-class to buy a house. They will compete with “Wall Street and Investors!” When the rates go down you can refi & bring your mortgage payment down.

  10. The effects of the downturn are beginning to sink in. People are being impacted by the long-term decline in property prices and the housing market. I recently sold my house in the Sacramento area, and I want to invest my lump-sum profit in the stock market before prices start to rise again. Is now the right moment to buy or not?

    1. If you are new to the market, I recommend seeking professional assistance. The most effective approach to creating a well-organized portfolio is to begin with a professional who is knowledgeable about the turbulent yet profitable market.

    2. I just looked her up on the internet and looked into her credentials. I wrote her a letter outlining my financial objectives and planned a call with her.

  11. The deep pockets are gobbling up massive deals in real estate overseas!! While the average person is kept in panic mode over U.S. housing. Which is an absolute horrific deal compared to what can be afforded abroad!!

  12. $814 Million is barely 10% of the Verizon stocks Warren Buffett just sold (and Blackrock bought). What else did Warren Buffett buy with the remaining balance $8Billion he bought.

  13. It is difficult to make exact projections for the housing market as it is still unclear how quickly or to what degree the Federal Reserve will reduce inflation and borrowing costs without having a substantial negative impact on demand from consumers for anything from houses to cars.

    1. I recently sold my home in a nearby area and am contemplating investing a lump sum in the stock market ahead of the expected rebound. Some individuals have been discussing the possibility of a potential rally coming up soon and speculating about which stocks could potentially see significant growth during the festive season. Do you have any information on these stocks?

    2. If you are new to the market, I recommend seeking professional assistance. The most effective approach to creating a well-organized portfolio is to begin with a professional who is knowledgeable about the turbulent yet profitable market.

    3. Over the past three years, I have been working with an investment coach who has provided daily guidance on my investment decisions. With their expert analysis, I have realized gains of over 850k. Their insights have helped me avoid losses and capitalize on market breakthroughs, particularly during downtrends.

    4. My financial advisor is ‘ERIC THOMAS WITT’. He possesses extensive knowledge of portfolio diversity and is well-experienced in the financial market. Researching his credentials further is recommended. With many years of experience, he proves to be a valuable resource for navigating the financial market.

  14. This is correct. I bought a house and rented it and I’m a realtor. People are calling us out as realtors to buy but then i say ok then rent and then they call out landlords lol. People are just stressed and unhappy. The only time to know when to buy is when you’re ready willing and able. A lot of homes here have gone down in asking because of the rates but if they drop next 2-3 years the price of that home will explode again. Location dependent but be careful of any one variable

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