Warren Buffett Just Made THESE Moves in His Portfolio! (Berkshire Hathaway 13F)

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In this video, we analyze Berkshire Hathaway's most recent 13F filing. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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33 thoughts on “Warren Buffett Just Made THESE Moves in His Portfolio! (Berkshire Hathaway 13F)

  1. The man is a literal investing legend. His way of investing and thought process, along with execution, is something idk if we’ll ever see again. I think I read over the last 50 years his annual return average is above 19%.

  2. Don’t forget that Berkshire Hathaway owns many companies. So based on the total Berkshire Hathaway market cap apple is roughly 23% of his entire portfolio.

    1. @Dividendologythose billions are not his money but Berkshire .He will die with couple tens or hundreds of millions like jack bogle

  3. Seem like small movements, probably most done by either Ted or Todd. We need to remember that 0,21% increase of OXY is only related to US equities or US listed equities. In fact it’s probably less than 0,1% of total assets.

  4. First and foremost thanks for the great content as usual!
    Now to my question:
    Would you consider making a new video on $TROW? Or alternatively a quick response to my comment?
    Since your last video on them 7+ months ago (where you seemed positive, except in regards to AUM) following fundamentals has changed:
    – AUM is up from $1.28T to $1.43T (11,72%)
    – Stock is down +8% (from $118.43 to $108.86)
    – Dividend has risen slightly from $1.2 to $1.22
    – Total revenue, net profit, EPS, profit margin etc. are all up both YoY and QoQ while costs are down YoY & QoQ

  5. Good stuff and it’s interesting that BRK went all home builders last quarter….🤔

    1. Acredito que seja por conta da taxa de juros. A queda da taxa irá beneficiar tomadores de crédito em geral

  6. Keep in mind Buffett built Berkshire on acquiring large insurance companies and valuable consumer brands, basically conglomerates that are brand name staples to the American public and have little to no competition. These 13F filings are either him or some of his top traders just playing around with like 3% of the portfolio seeing what sticks & speculating but I think one would be best investing in the core holdings they’ve had for the past 3 decades and don’t sell.

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