Warren Buffett Selling $8 Billion of Stock

Warren Buffett selling $8 Billion worth of stock is a rounding error in his portfolio. He's just trying to stay diversified which is why the market doesn't care that much about it.

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50 thoughts on “Warren Buffett Selling $8 Billion of Stock

  1. I wasn’t worried about Warren Buffet selling stock until Kevin O’Leary told me NOT to worry. Now I’m worried

    1. It’d be like the average household putting $3,500 in a gumball machine or $475 for us plebs. Either way, an expensive gumball.

    1. And they tell you to worry when you shouldn’t worry. That’s how they make money, off of your fear and emotions

    1. Yeah don’t take advice from a multimillionaire. I’d rather take advice from a homeless person because they definitely know how to handle money

    2. ​@Tm Daze the irony that your ignoring a billionaires advice for a millionaire hasnt struck you yet? No wonder this hacks still on TV.

  2. Every time one of this experts tells you just relax its ok, run run and sale all that stock 😮. They want you to be holding the bag. 😂

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