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Best Day Trading Brokers for Beginners- Buying Stocks, Short Selling, Small Account Trading & more

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1:48 Best broker for buying stocks
6:45 Best brokers for shorting
9:17 Best broker for shorting with a small account under PDT
10:49 Best broker to avoid PDT rule
12:37 Brokers for options trading, free commission trading

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Best brokers for going long stocks:
1. Interactive Brokers:
Account minimum: $2,500 USD
Pros: Cheap commissions. Getting better at having short borrows on small call penny stocks. I use this broker for day trading penny stocks. Plenty of easy to borrow stocks to short at no extra borrow cost.
Cons: Expense on monthly individual data subscriptions add up. Terrible customer service. No hard to borrow stocks and short stock locate function.
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2. Fidelity Active Trader Pro
Pros: Good execution fills and customer service.
Con: Outdated trading platform, sometimes the buttons lag.
3. TradeStation
Great for trading automation, direct access broker, Matrix feature for faster order entries

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Broker to Avoid PDT Rule:
1. CMEG- Capital Markets Elite Group:

Honorable mentions:
1. Schwab Streetsmart Edge- Great for options trading
2. Thinkorswim
Powerful interface for options strategies. OnDemand feature. Great platform for technical analysis. FREE live data.
My Thinkorswim set up for day trading:
3. ETrade – Going long stocks, free commission trading

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-Get 50% off Commissions & Short locates for 60 days
-Get 6 months FREE Trade Ideas scanner
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Interactive Brokers:
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  1. I love how you have this for small and large portfolios! I’m so happy I found your channel! Who else found her during covid?

  2. Your videos are an inspiration. I got into futures from a time when trading was done in trading pits using hand signals. I had no bankroll then and worked for a futures trading company. I left after about a year to pursue another career. As my career progressed and I managed to get some savings, I used what I learnt in that 1 year to implement a passive leveraged stock index strategy that significantly outperformed conventional ETFs. 25 yrs later I am near retirement and looking for something to do after retirement. I came across your channel and got inspired to start swing trading what I had been passively holding. Your advice to start small and be humble as you learn have been very useful.

  3. I know you made a similar video like this before but this one is just soo -chefs kiss-. I have decided to forever stan

  4. I just wanted to say thanks for your videos that shared strategy on overnight stocks. I’ve actually only been doing this for the past week and haven’t really had losses more than 1 cent per share. I’ve been averaging over 80% as profitable and 50% as profitable with 5%+ gap up in the morning.

  5. I use robinhood currently. But I use charts from other sources. When I execute for a trade I do a limit order otherwise they will place me into a different amount. Looking into changing for faster trades! Thank you for the video 😁

  6. I hedge the market sentiment with 50% gold and silver for stability. This has been working fine. When instability steps in I get a kickback. This also acts as an edge against banking. Problems. Keep up the good work!

  7. I just found you and your content is awesome. Super genuine and you didn’t ask me to sign up for your alert program lol

  8. I have recently found your channel and in another video of yours I have asked a question in regards to the brokerage platform and the answer is right here. Thank you very much for covering this up! 🙂

  9. Things I recently learned as a newbie: 1. You pay commission fees twice, once when you buy, again when you sell. 2. the routing fee is .0025/share added to the brokers commission fee of .004/share. Trading 10,000 shares of a penny stock costs $130. I wish I had looked into all this before having a field day trading penny stocks on my first day… a really bad move on my part– Currently thinking that a regular free broker may work better even though it’s slower… Cobra Trading had me at .004+.0025 route fee, twice (buy and sell), for a total fee of .013/share…

  10. As I would see it, the go to solution for climate this downturn and high expansion is momentary exchanging, rather than long haul exchanging, most people utilizing these methods are netting a lot of gains, sure the dangers are higher yet once more isn’t the ongoing business sector similarly as unsafe?.

    • In my perspective, short-term trading, as opposed to long-term trading, is the best strategy for navigating this recession and high inflation. The majority of people utilizing these strategies are making huge profits.

    • @@danielkey1463I suppose that’s why, according to investopedia, demand for investing advisors has increased by nearly 41.8% since the epidemic. Regardless, kindly refer the advisor who helped you.

    • @@danielkey1463 I just searched for MARGARET ANN online, I discovered her webpage, which was really impressive, thank you for this.


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