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Economic Data Analysis Project with Python Pandas – Data scraping, cleaning and exploration!

In this video kaggle grandmaster Rob Mulla takes you through an economic data analysis project with python pandas. We walk through the process of pulling down the data for different economic indicators, cleaning and joining the data. Using the Fred api you can pull up to date data and compare, analyze and explore.

Copy and edit the notebook from the tutorial:

00:00 Intro
01:05 API Setup
06:26 Search Economic Indicators
10:35 Pull Economic Data
13:37 Joining Indicators
25:59 Plotting with Plotly
27:27 Bar Chart of Unemployment
36:50 Unemployment vs Participation

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  1. Great conten! I didn’t know the “twinx” method. It would be nice if you can make tutorials about advanced data visualization in Python.

  2. It’s great to see how others ppl work. There’s always something to learn. In in my case I’m learning everything that you showed in this video. Thank you so much for doing it

    • Glad you found this video helpful Wilson! 😀 Please consider sharing it with others your think might also learn from it.

  3. Wow! This is awesome. I am contemplating doing PhD in Economics and this a great introduction to what I should expect. Thanks for your efforts.

  4. Great content and pace you did it…particularly like what you did from “plot with plotly” and beyond, the data wrangling. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you. I do use a lot of financial data at my work. This is going to help a lot. The visualization techniques are great to adopt!

  6. An inspiring tour de force with a very satisfying outcome. A hundred years ago the data didn’t exist; 25 years ago the data wasn’t in electronic form in one place; 15 years ago it would have taken a team weeks if not months to pull this all together and then format graphs; yesterday I had no idea it could now all be accomplished in much less than an hour. Now I’ll spend the next month or two going through but by bit, learning how to do this with my data. Thanks!

  7. Rob you are a legend! This is content worth while ! Thank you for everything you do. I am learning Python for Data Analytics and your tutorials are great! They also apply for beginner level and cover different aspects and ways of using pandas and other libraries. Thank you !

  8. Wow. Great video. Awesome to see the iterative process you use (and hard to take notes on it, so thanks for the links).

  9. I just want to thank you for what you do. Some people are special in the way they convey information and teach and you just have it. You are going to help me succeed in this field! Keep it up man.

  10. Thank you Rob. This was definitely an interesting walkthrough utilizing Fredapi for data exploration. I took this course to get an idea of what i can do with pandas for data exploration and you definitely delivered. Once again thanks.

  11. The way you explain the entire walkthrough is just brilliant. You have the skill that many posses but your way is really unique like a statistical anomaly!

  12. I’ve done basic data analysis manually in Excel for a long time, but these tools are insane. Your way of explaining things step by step is going to help me get some of these more modern tools into my toolkit and supercharge my productivity and marketability as I look for my next job.


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