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Economic indicators and their impact on currencies | tradimo

This video will introduce you to two of the most important economic indicators that drive the value of a currency: interest rates and inflation. Interest rates are one of the most important drivers of the forex markets.Inflation measures how quickly the prices of goods and services rise in a given period of time.

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  1. very nice video. The thing is that interest rate is now 2.5% and unchanged for 13 month. What does this impact the economy?

    • It mentioned it in the video, may be watch it again?
      1) Capital Markets (Banks, Buying & Selling Equity and Debt Instruments, Savings and Investment between suppliers of capital such as retail investors and institutional investor, trade of financial securities like bonds, stocks, etc……And Users of capital like businesses, government and individuals)
      2) International Trade
      3) Political Events
      4) Economic News

  2. I disagree with the point that higher interest rates reduce inflation. As it is happening to Turkey The Bank lower the interest rate, the year 2020 has a lower rate comparing to the previous year 2019.

  3. Having to trade forex effectively and gain from it you must learn it’s strategies and fundamentals,know when to sell when to buy and how it’s rates works you also will have to back test your strategies before setting it on a live account. That’s why I prefer using a broker.

  4. Commercial banks create money… not central banks… central banks only manipulate rates in the short term via quantative easing or quantative tightening… government bonds set rates in the longer term…. hence if a central bank doesn’t react to inflation…the bond market will facilitate that for them central Bank policy or not… apart from that this videos quite good for basics


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