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How to make dividend income | 5 great assets to own

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ITC made its dividends announcement and guess whose day got made! 🙂

To all who don't believe in the ITC story – well one thing it surely does is give out regular income to its investors.

In this video, I explain 5 greats assets I have invested in that gives me constant cash-flow.

Watch this video till the end to understand holistically

0: 00 Intro
04:01 First asset
07:33 Second asset
10:59 Third asset
14:39 Fourth asset
16:30 Fifth asset
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Video Editor: Vallabh Salgaonkar
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  1. The market is driven by; Narratives and emotions in the short run, Fundamentals and truth in the long run. Use this to your advantage.

    • Good to remind people of this right now. you buy on fear and sell on greed or just hold through it all for the long term. It’s easy but many forget

    • @@instinctively_awesome8283 this could be easy if you are unemotional towards the market, I always wanted to be trading something at my early stages of coming into the market which made me take lots of uncalculated risks and subsequently, losing a lot of funds. However, I later had to use a coach a colleague introduced me and with her expertise, my $115k capital grew to $175K in 2 months.

    • @@instinctively_awesome8283 *Mary Brigid Mullin* is the coach’s name. Why not run a check on the internet for her website where I believe you can contact her from. cheers mate

  2. @Akshat – Can you make a dedicated video for crypto projects and consequently make seperate videos for each of the projects. I follow Coin Bureau but it’s sometimes a little bit advanced. You doing that explanation will make it easy to understand and help us in taking decision. Thanks.

  3. Worth watching this video.,
    1.Very clear pronunciation.
    2.Good speed of to catch and put in memory.
    3.Any body can understand your simple english.
    4. And one more thing is that u r disclosing most of your personal things related to stocks unlike so many other channel holders.
    Thanks a lot,
    pl. Keep going.

  4. I’d like to retire with an investment worth atleast $4MILLION and I’m ready to work towards this goal, I’ve come across investors making as much $75,000 on a monthly basis and I’d like to know what step and guidelines I need to make better profit

    • The average investor buys/holds for long term to make gains when stocks go up, In a situation where you’re after short term profit, it is best to get in touch with a broker or investment consultant to guide you with trade, I reached out to a broker during the pandemic and that is how I was able to raise a profit of $380K within 4months

    • @@sunshineonme Thanks for sharing, just looked her up and I’m super impressed with her credentials. I will be writing her shortly

  5. take is..PSUs generally pay steady dividend as it is source of income for Govt. These stocks trade within a price range…for example REC..price range of 90 to 160…so one must purchase at lower price where dividend yield is approx 12 percent returns approx 9 percent post taxes and sell at higher price in 3..4 yrs at the same time generating income from dividends for this period.
    Bottom line is buy good dividend paying stocks with dividend yield of 10 to 12 percent.

  6. Summary for dummies:
    1. ITC – stable with dividend
    2. Nmdc – monopoly psu with good dividend
    3. Britannia: FMCG stable one of top dividend payer
    4. Staking polka and usdt on vauld
    Why? Usdt is stable as it is pegged with dollar price, *crypto risk applies
    Polka dot is trying to be part of all blockchain so has good potential. *Crypto risk applies.

  7. 5 dividend stocks talked in this video
    ITC – tobacco and fmcg
    NMDC – Steel
    Britannia Industries – fmcg
    USDT – crypto

  8. I am trying to avoid making any new buys at this point in other not to get sucked into a bear market trap.It’s tough making money in stocks when institutional investors are the driving force behind the selling.. although I read an article of people that grossed profits up to $150k during this crash, what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist?

    • Focus on two key objectives. First, stay protected by learning when to sell stocks to cut losses and capture profits. Second, prepare to profit when the market turns around.I recommend you seek the guidance of a broker or financial-advisr.

    • True! After my port_folio took a big hit in April, I was forced to employ the services of an Invest-ment-analyst who has not only accrued a profit of $175k for me since then but has also taught me how.

    • The advisor I use is actually quite known, you might have come across her before, Frances Annette Batista, she’s been featured in several articles, you can search her name.

  9. Market is down still, I’ve been looking up strategies and apparently both bull and bear market condition provides equal avenue to accrue massive gains, and a news article particularly mentioned a 54 year old that made $180k in 5weeks, how do I learn these strategies, my portfolio has been stagnant for months.

    • @Finest Bear Hug I’m sure the idea of a coach might sound generic or controversial to a few, but new study by Investopedia found that demand for portfolio-coaches sky-rocketed by over 41.8% since the pandemic and based on firsthand encounter, I can say for certain their skillsets are topnotch, I’ve raised over $400k from an initially stagnant reserve of $150K all within 14months

    • @@Robertgriffinne I’ve actually been thinking of reaching a portfolio-adviser, my 401k and stocks been losing everything it’s gained since 2019, mind if I looked-up this one coach you use?

    • @@Natalieneptune469 credits to Wendy Helene Bennett, one of the best portfolio managers out there. she’s well known, you should look her up

  10. Dividends are what got me into investing in the stock market. The thing to me is, if you invest and have other income outside of dividends then you will be able to live off dividends without selling. Which means you can pass that on to your kids which will give them a leg up in life. Have over $600K in my portfolio as I bought a lot of dividend stocks before, I’m buying more now, and I will buy more when it drops further.

    • As a new investor it’s always great to hear from a person who has gone through all the difficult times and come ahead of it. It’s unnerving to see your portfolio go from green to red but as mentioned if you have invested in quality names just have to keep adding to them and stay the course.

    • @@kimyoung8414 I see any market condition as an opportunity. So far I’ve made north of $260k in raw profits from just Q3 of 2022 under the guidance of my Financial-Advisor “Ingrid Cecilia Raad “. Am I selling? Absolutely not. I have purchased growth stocks too a little at a time over the past few weeks. I am going to sit back and observe how this all plays out.

    • @@erichkraetz2622 Please can you leave the info of your investment analyst here? I overheard someone talking about how a couple made $200k during this red season. I need such luck lol

  11. Heard someone say the best season for a fin.ancial breakthrough is now, especially with inflation running at a four-decade high. I have approximately $750k stagnant in my port_folio that needs growth. What is the best way to take advantage of this downturn?

    • @FrankTatum I’m new to all this, heard it’s a good time to buy and basically I’ve just got cash sitting duck in the bank and I’d really love to put it to good use seeing how inflation is at an all time-high, who is this coach that guides you, mind I look them up

    • Thank you for this tip. it was easy to find your coach. Did my due diligence on her before scheduling a phone call with her. She seems proficient considering her résumé.

    • @joven cueto bro who are you taliking about, did jessica replied ? therre is no reply cmnt from herr to you. Can you mention whom she was mentioning.

    • It’s either you research for good stock or good advisor – both are difficult 😀 sip (systematic investing plan) of fixed amount every month in companies showing constant growth will be good start ..

  12. thank you Mr. Akshat. I look forward to your videos whenever i am curious to learn anything specific in share market investments. great work!!

  13. I just sold a property in Portland and I’m thinking to put the cash in stocks, I know everyone is saying its ripe enough, but Is this a good time to buy stocks? How long until a full recovery? How are other people in the same markt raking in over $200k gains with months, I’m really just confused at this point.

    • you are right. it’s been a brisk tailwind for lnvestors in US stocks over the decades but it is still a delicate season now, so I advise you to consider the guidance of a financiaI advlsor

    • Very true. Despite having no prior investing knowledge, I started investing before the pandemic and pulled in a profit of approximately $950k that same year. In reality, all I was doing was getting professional advice.

    • How can I participate in this? I sincerely aspire to establish a secure financlal future and am eager to participate. Who is the driving force behind your success?

    • There are a lot of independent advisors you might look into. But i work with Viviana Marisa Coelho and I have been working together for nearly four years, and she is excellent. You could proceed with her if she satisfies your discretion. I endorse her

    • I just googled her and I’m really impressed with her credentials; I reached out to her since I need all the assistance I can get. I just scheduled a caII.


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