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How to Start Day Trading in Canada

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How to day trade in Canada is a little bit different than how to Daytrade in America. Day Trading in Canada has less options but also has some advantages such as no PDT Rule. Just don't set up a TFSA Account to start day trading….

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor nor a CPA. These videos are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am only sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

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    • Hello I really appreciate your transparency and giving people a fighting chance during this Covid 19 lockdown, Mr Lawrence has thought me how to trade for myself and I have learnt perfectly well, I had a good insight with strategy, I have never lose dime since I met him, I have made $78k you can also benefit from his good work, contact him(

  1. Most investors are searching for that elusive method where they never lose or can win eight or nine trades out of 10, amassing huge profits in a short amount of time with no risk, but there isn’t any shortcuts to avert risks in investing, they are ever present.

    • Trading is like anything in this life..if you go unprepared, you will be burnt. only a few have turned $1,000 into hundreds of thousands. Most people will not.

    • The things is some strategies are extremely hard to understand and it’s not really easy to incorporate into my trading plan, it’s really exhausting

    • @@rolandyizel
      it’s best you try out what works for you, understand it and stick to it. Trading is mentally tasking, you should probably get an expert to help with more profitable trades. It’s easier that way

    • @@arnoldlombardi Actually I’ve been considering getting an expert to help with my trades but it’s hard to get someone genuine and profitable these days.

    • Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth,investing remains the priority. Forex trading has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payout,with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works

    • I totally agree with you,Forex trading is the most profitable venture I ever invested in,I reached my goal of $500k yearly trade earnings, setting realistic goals is an essential part of trading

    • But successful people don’t become that way over night,what most people see is a glance wealth,a great career,purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time

    • Nothing is going wrong dear,you’re just not experienced enough to trade for yourself
      That’s why I’ll advice you to trade with a professional broker that will give you your profit without 5 days of trading
      Honestly I’ll suggest Mr Jackson Williams


    • That’s true most people today have been having alot of failure in forex and crypto sector because of poor orientation and bad experts

    • How can someone know

      a professional account manager that is trustworthy When legit once are hard to find this


    • I’m benefiting from Mrs Charlie Laura, I was afraid of investing with her platform untill I got convinced by my cousin who linked me up with her and since then, i’ve been earning atleast six thousand dollars profit weekly from every one thousand dollar I invest

  3. It’s encouraging to see the market in the green, but when will we finally break even? I’m a typical retail trader who uses DCA to buy and hold stocks for decades, yet it seems like I’m up 5% today and down 17% the following week. Yes, the market is highly Darwinian; there are winners and losers, and it appears that I have been losing while others have made enormous returns of six figures in the same market. What tactics are these people employing?

    • So my strategy is to acquire companies that are succeeding and carrying out their strategies, and then short companies who are missing earnings.

    • @@cliftondippolito we’ve been in a rally for the last decade, you just gotta accept not everyone is as knowledgeable in the market to handle the opportunities a crash market presents, and unfortunately for me too, I got in 2019 right before the market’s melting point, I just hope I recover soon enough before retirement. S`tay strong. I think the market will suffer more downtrends before full recovery, esp. with the inflation, hiked interest rate and looming recession bound to happen 2023, you should understand the market is not just finance and valuation, it’s history, it’s market psychology, it’s understanding how the world moves, which is why at this point in time, it’s ideal to work with an Investment-adviser with an unparalleled track record, from first hand experience, I could say they stand a better chance than most of us ever would and it has been reflecting on my portfolio. I made over $850k in net gains this year alone and I’m unbothered about the market outcomes cause I’m certain I’ll make a killing, it’s all perspective guys.

    • @@anyadni Nicely said, I was considering taking that path as well. Many YouTubers have been discussing the prospects available in the current market, and I’d really love to prepare my portfolio for whatever is ahead in 2023. Could you suggest this coach that helps you?

    • @@georgerobinson2933 I actually work with a well-known coach named Alice Elaine Hayhurst. You can just search for her online because she has a large online presence.

    • @@Victoriataylor5668 We are appreciative of this Pointer. Finding your handler was simple; she appears to be knowledgeable and adaptable. I scheduled a call with her.

  4. I don’t know how but you’ve managed to package an unbiased analysis that is more entertaining than the sensationalized segment of economic and financial news. Thank you for your efforts to be the signal and not the noise. I understand that the economy is currently in a downturn and that we must wait for things to get better

    • I think the current market might give opportunities to maximize profit within a short term, but in order to execute such strategy , you must be a skilled practitioner

    • Exactly why i enjoy my day to day market decisions being guided by a portfolio-coach, seeing that their entire skillset is built around going long and short at the same time both employing risk for its asymmetrical upside and laying off risk as a hedge against the inevitable downward turns, coupled with the exclusive information/analysis they have, it’s near impossible to not outperform, been using a portfolio-coach for over 2years+ and I’ve netted over $800k.

    • Even if you have a humongous income you still need to draw up futuristic plans because anything can happen. One could lose one’s job or whatever. Investment cannot be overemphasized. About your advisor, how does one reach pls

    • It would be a very innovative suggestion to look out for Financial Advisors like Monica Payne Tutorials who can help shape up your portfolio. Trying times are ahead, and good personal financial management will be very important to weather the storm.

  5. I’ve learned that productivity doesn’t just come out of nowhere – it takes a lot of planning, commitment, and sticking to it. But I’m so grateful for my mentor, Mr. Zachery Micah Demers, because he really helped me get my finances in order. With his guidance, I’m actually earning money every single week now! It’s been such a relief to have that stability

  6. Great video, trading come with a lot of benefits And I have just bought my second house through it. As a beginner I was scared of loosing my savings but I’m glad I took the bold step that is now favoring me.

    • ***Okay but is not luck, is all about having good invstment plans most of all trading with a trust worthy exprt.
      Watching professional trading videos and most especially connecting with the right person the digital world is full of in unreal people I met some of them during my success journey. I felt same way when I started especially when you use demo account you might be winning but when you put in real money you start losing I understand and I pass through it all. I’m very happy I’m profitable now.

    • Currently i can attest to the fact that I make $19,600 weekly through trading which is more better then my monthly salary job. trading becomes my passive income.

  7. *I remember having a consultation with a financial analyst last August, and it was incredibly insightful. Can’t stress enough how helpful experts in this field are!*

    • As long as you diversify your porfolio, any single stock or invesment that you own shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your overall return. If it does, diversifying might be the right choice for you, as one can also try out other commodities. I now have a balanced porfolio that is yielding me pr0fit with pro help from Evelyn Morgan

    • I started working with Evelyn back in June, and my finacial goals have never been clearer. It’s like having a strategic partner for your money with a solid track record.

  8. Hi! I’m excited to be here in your channel and I’m interested in learning more about investing and saving up for my retirement but am a little confused about the whole process. Any advice or tips to get me started up would be greatly appreciated.

    • Gold and copper remains the best investment to venture in, especially as a beginner, it’s not always affected by the downturn of the market

    • I won’t recommend gold and coop although it’s a good investment. I’II suggest digital assets as it’s the best future investment. It’s advisable to seek financial assistance based on your available capital and area of interest or preference.

    • True. Am not ready to gamble my money with anyone. That’s sick, am looking at spending my savings and I can’t afford to lose it.

    • Personal banking for low income individuals is so expensive and yet education on fianancial management is so poor in Canada. Like knowing how to get ready for retirement is so essential. Bonds are like all time lowest price but ig either tfsa or even rolling etfs on a retirement fund is not bad unless you want like mass profit.

  9. Excellent video, loved it, subscribed and hit that bell also, I will definitely sign up for this free course and learn Thank you for taking the time to do this great video


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