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I made $100,000 avoiding this common ETF investing mistake

Three mistakes keep people from getting VERY RICH in ETF investing. Warren Buffett made his fortune with this investing secret. Looking at growth ETFs, S&P 500, SCHD ETF dividend ETF, and the best way to ivnest long term for super wealth. My 3 Fund Portfolio is on fire in the investing world and crushes the old 3 fund portfolio.
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  1. You have helped me so much, I’m actually going to take a look at my portfolio today, see what I can do to simplify things going forward. Hope you’re doing well, always look forward to your videos!

  2. Nice. This is what I do. Most ETF’s show you the holdings so I pick a good etf and I buy it then I pick my favorite stocks from the etf and I buy. If you are good at picking the best preforming stocks your portfolio will beat the original etf that you bought. It’s modifying the etf yourself.

  3. I used to be an average investor. Now thanks to this advice my returns are shooting up faster than the homeless people behind my office building.

    • Everywhere I go I see help wanted signs. The convenience stores are paying 15.00. So the homeless population is BC they can’t afford the current cost of dwellings or have mental issues. All of these vacant commercial buildings, that are about to collapse could be used to assist in the homeless problem. Afterall they are getting tax breaks on the Real Estate losses anyway! The fact that speculation causes the nation to punish consumers to keep this corrupt system alive. Thank you Professor G for keeping some of us afloat. All for one…

  4. Yes, number 3 is the one I was guilty of. I’d watch a new YouTube video and completely change my strategy. Your 3 fund portfolio is my favorite one and I’ve stuck with it for the last 6 months. No more changing, I’m sticking to this one.

  5. I think its also a good thing to keep in mind that even the biggest hedge fund managers are often making mistakes. I put most of my money into the higher risk to reward Etfs, and build a smaller safety net in the background. Then I also put money into stocks that I believe will stand the test of time examples being Starbucks and Mcdonalds

  6. I’m 6 months into investing now.
    I call myself a student of you and Ryne Williams.
    I had VOO/VOOV and VOOG.
    Learnt about fund overlap from you a few months back and sold off my VOOV/VOOG.
    With SCHD and VOO as my foundational ETFs plus my VAS Australian Shares ETF my portfolio is so doing so much better.
    Thanks Professor G

  7. I wish they taught investing at school level. There is so much advantage to doing this!
    My biggest regret is that I started so late.

    • While we may have had to learn on our own, it’s not too late to home school our kids on good money management. Our son went to a charter high school and they taught the very basics. I wrote him a 20k word follow up booklet with more details and sample portfolios. If we love our kids we need to teach them the why and how of investing to secure their long term financial future while they are still young and have 40 to 60 years of investment horizon ahead of them. In my opinion, this is so much better than any other inheritance we may leave them in the future.

    • They don’t teach in schools because if people started to learn the power of investing early. They could probably retire in their 50s. That would be bad for employers. The system is designed to keep society working into old age.

    • ​​@@Otis-the-IIISCAMMER!! Never take personal financial advice from a YouTube comment. The scammer Bots are all over Financial videos recommending Financial advisors. They will steal your money

    • @@targetegrat My, how small minded society can be using that logic. Let’s just take prosperity for any who want to learn right out of the equation, just to please the employers. Can you possibly imagine how great life could be for everyone if a good, early education was the norm? The Defense industry has a think tank. Why aren’t we adopting that strategy in all areas of our lives. I envision a world where we all take a good look at all the limits we set for ourselves and start removing them. Why, that might turn out to be fantastic for employers!

  8. QQQ wasn’t high on the ETF’s when I did a lot of research last year. VOO and VTI are the ones that kept coming back as the best to invest in over and over again so I went with VTI. Now I am seeing that QQQ was the best 10 years ago so I am hoping that VTI will be in the next 10 years.

  9. Just my thoughts – look @ the top 10 holdings of an ETF, and determine how much of the ETF’s holdings are in the top ten. That is usually (though not always) the main driver of returns.
    If you narrow your choice down to two ETF’s (example SCHD and DVY) look for top ten holdings and see how much overlap there is. You want to avoid a high level of overlap.

  10. I just switched up my Roth IRA to 50% SCHD, 25% SCHX, 25% SCHG, and my Roth 401k is 70% vanguard S&P 500 index, 20% vanguard growth index, and 10% vanguard international index. Seeking best possible ways to grow $350k into $1m+ before retirement, I’m 55.

    • consider financial advisory so you don’t keep switching it up, Top 3 payers for the month were $OHI, $KMI, and $EDP.. not bad for 350k

    • consider financial advisory so you don’t keep switching it up, Top 3 payers for the month were $OHI, $KMI, and $EDP.. not bad for 350k

    • The issue is most people have the “I want to do it myself mentality” but not equipped enough for a crash, so they get burnt, no offense intended. Generally speaking, investment advisors are ideal reps for investing, and at first-hand encounter since the covid-19 outbreak, my portfolio has yielded over 300%, summing up nearly 7-figure as of today.

  11. 00:00 📈 Focusing solely on high total returns can lead to overlap in ETFs, essentially buying similar assets from different funds, causing redundancy and potential inefficiencies in your portfolio.
    04:32 💼 Understanding fund overlap is crucial; assess the holdings and weightage across various ETFs to avoid inadvertently doubling down on specific stocks within your portfolio.
    08:53 🌐 Diversification shouldn’t mean diluting quality; Warren Buffett advocates investing in understandable, strong businesses rather than spreading investments too thin across multiple stocks.
    11:13 🔄 Constantly changing your portfolio based on new information without understanding your investment goals can lead to inefficiencies and may not align with your overall strategy. Understanding your investments and goals is crucial before making changes.

  12. Investing in individual stocks can be a lucrative strategy, but it requires careful consideration and research. Different stocks offer various growth potentials and risks. Some may provide steady dividends, while others focus on capital appreciation. It’s essential to diversify your stock portfolio to mitigate risk. Consulting a financial advisor can help tailor a strategy based on your risk tolerance, investment goals, and market conditions.

    • Absolutely, I’ve been exploring the world of stock investing recently. There’s so much information out there, and it can be overwhelming. I’m thinking about tech stocks, given their historical performance, but I’m not sure where to start. Any advice?

    • I’ve been investing in stocks for a while now, and it’s been a significant part of my retirement portfolio. Diversification is key. I’ve had success with a mix of growth stocks and dividend-paying stocks. However, staying informed and regularly reviewing your portfolio is crucial. Have you considered consulting a financial advisor to help guide your stock investment strategy?

    • That sounds like a solid approach. I’m looking to dip my toes into stock investing as well. Do you have any recommendations for a good financial advisor who specializes in stock market strategies?

    • People downplay planner’s role, until they are burnt by their mistakes. That’s why I’ve been working with expert planners like CHRIS RYAN STEWART

  13. My 2 biggest dividend payers are Gladstone and reality income. I’m thinking about selling a lot of my individual stocks And keep My two van guard and qqq

  14. Past returns are no guarantee of future returns. This is recency bias. Mr Buffet said you don’t need a high IQ to be a good investor, just 2 qualities, self discipline and a lot of patience. Investing is mostly about behavioural psychology. Being able to control your behavioural biases is what really matters. That’s why passive investing works, low costs, better diversification and it enables people to overcome their behavioural bias, buy low, sell high, not the other way round. It works provided you stick to the rules

    • Talk about bias. Mr Buffet is survivorship bias. Those that went under, aka blew up, you never hear about. Self discipline and patience are too vague. Typical 70s/80s talk. Not actionable.

      Investing is not at all about behavioral psychology (of the public), that’s speculation. If I buy a tulip for a car, I will do so if I can sell the tulip for a house. Flipping.

      Investing is what the word says, to invest attention, time, energy, study competition, study the management, cash flow, legislation, every little detail. The “ing” in investing means a process, something ongoing. You don’t invest by spending a few hours every Sunday.

  15. You spoke at a company I worked at, I’ve been watching your videos and think you offer some amazing information. Thank you!

  16. Transfer of wealth usually occur during market crash, so the more stocks drop, the more I buy, in the meanwhile I’m just focused on making better investments and earning more as recession fear increases, apparently there are strategies to 3x gains in this present market cos I read of someone that pulled a profit of $350k within 6months, and it would really help if you could make a video covering these strategies.

    • For the average person, the strategies are fairly demanding. In actuality, most professionals who have the necessary expertise to pull off such trades effectively carry them out.

    • It comes down to technique; a downtrend gives you room to focus on the market and grow significantly in the short or long term. While it is easier to make money when the market is rising, a downtrend can still yield high returns if you have the necessary knowledge and skills. For this reason, I have been scaling up during this difficult period by working with an investment advisor; this has been the only way I have raised up to $150K in the last six months.

    • I work with Alicia Ann Jordan, who is a licensed fiduciary. Just look up the name. All the information you need to work with a letter to set up an appointment is included.

    • thank you for sharing; I just looked up the broker you recommended on Google and was really impressed with her qualifications. I will immediately send her an email.

  17. The Market have been suffering over the past month, with all the three indexes recording losses in recent weeks. My $400,000 portfolio is down by approximately 20%, any recommendations to scale up my returns before retirement will be highly appreciated.

    • The market is volatile at this time, hence i will suggest you get yourself a financial-advisor that can provide you with entry and exit points on the shares/ETF you focus on.

    • Very true , I diversified my $400K portfolio across multiple market with the aid of an investment advisor, I have been able to generate over $900k in net profit across high dividend yield stocks, ETF and bonds in few months.

    • Thank you for this tip. it was easy to find your coach. Did my due diligence on her before scheduling a phone call with her. She seems proficient considering her résumé.


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