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It’s Over: The Stock Market is starting to Break

We need to talk about the current state of the stock market. The recent economic data, including CPI have changed the Federal Reserve policy expectations from 6 to 3 and now to 1-2 interest rate cuts in 2024. Is this just a correction or is there much more downside from here? the answer is, a bit of both. Sorry, its not as simple as we would like it to be.

In this video I will explain how I see the market going from here for the rest of 2024 and how you can take advantage of it and make money, which is our combined goal as investors in the stock market. The video is long, its a 25 minute deep dive, so its not for everyone, I totally get it.

Here are timestamps if you need to jump between sections:

0:00 – Introduction.
0:09 – Explanation of recent market downturns and inflation data.
0:22 – Discussion of geopolitical tensions and their impact on the markets.
0:44 – Introduction to the investment opportunity amid market fears.
0:59 – Analysis of market conditions since October 2023.
1:17 – Shift in market sentiment and its implications.
2:00 – Detailed discussion on inflation expectations and market corrections.
2:35 – Explanation of market pullback reasons and the need for a correction.
3:24 – Economic indicators supporting the current strength of the U.S. economy.
4:00 – Predictions on the depth of the market correction.
4:50 – Historical data comparison of S&P 500 performance relative to inflation.
6:03 – Factors influencing the depth of the market correction.
7:00 – Explanation of potential scenarios that could lead to a major market crash.
8:01 – Discussion on when a major market crash might occur.
9:04 – Analysis of economic indicators and yield curve implications.
10:27 – Strategic investment recommendations during market volatility.
11:08 – Introduction to investment strategies.
14:00 – Analysis of Tesla as a potential investment opportunity.
19:10 – Detailed financial metrics of Tesla and comparison with other major companies.
23:30 – Conclusion and additional resources.

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Nothing in this video constitutes tax, legal, financial and/or investment advice, nor does any information in this video constitute an invitation and/or solicitation to invest in a particular security. This video merely expresses the author’s opinion and should be viewed as such. Before proceeding with any investments, you should do your own research and seek advice from an independent licensed professional.

The author of this video does NOT accept liability for any investment decisions, as this video is provided only for educational and entertainment purposes. Although the author has endeavored for the information in this video to be correct and accurate, he does NOT assume liability nor does he guarantee that the data will be updated, correct and/or accurate at all times.


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    • What’s the real economy exactly? Unemployment is low, people continue to spend, housing prices keep going up in most locations. Inflation sucks, but the economy is still growing.

    • @@bigal3928 Unemployment is not low. If you are no longer looking for work you are no longer considered unemployed. Besides, many of those new jobs are low paying jobs that are impossible to live off of. As for house prices, they have dropped in the past year. Inflation is still relatively high and the economy is barely growing, only because of mass immigration skewing the figures and growing government jobs paid for via increased borrowing. Don’t fall for the propaganda.

    • @@bigal3928 People are spending that’s for sure. They are using there credit card to grow the national debt to 1.1 trillion. Its growing though

  1. You cannot compare the P/S ratio’s of the 3 companies. There are totally different margins in play. Better use price to gross margin or something

  2. Tom, what is your response to the argument that the only reason GDP is positive is because of government spending/money printing?

  3. Been a patreon member for two and a half years. Listen to every video. Today was particularly valuable. I hope the title grabs people because the content was outstanding. Thanks!

  4. Good to see you coming around to the idea we won’t see three cuts. The economy isn’t as strong as you think. Earnings will be next catalyst…we got more downside inbound.

    • @@HillPhantom I might of misunderstood what you meant but i would think if the market isn’t as good as we think even though the data is showing other wise which I think the data is BS that would mean rate cuts should happen sooner rather then later right

    • ​@@dalebruno5201 you would think but sadly not how it works. Inflation is up so unless we see inflation coming down soon, we won’t see any rate cuts. If joblessness spikes and we can’t control inflation I don’t expect any cuts this year

  5. 10:30 That’s exactly the truest point, the s&p is way TOP HEAVY. So many other stocks have been beaten down already. 16 PE is more like what I see.

  6. @TomNashTV where is the P/E ratio to subsequent 3 yr return data from? would love to read the whole case study. And great analysis btw, was really helpful.

  7. All your analysis is on past data. For this year, growth is negative and margins down? What is price target with rev down 10%?

  8. Going all in on tesla if it hits 20 PE or around 100 usd.
    Fear and greed index on 36. Pretty good time to start buying/DCA’ing/doubling up


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