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Post-Election Impact, Economic Indicators, and China | ITK with Cathie Wood

On episode IX of "In the Know" (Nov. 6, 2020), ARK CEO/CIO Cathie Wood weighs in on the US elections and provides her latest market commentary. She also discusses ARK’s point of view on fiscal policy, monetary policy, market signals, economic indicators, and innovation.

While the market remains in a state of heightened volatility, ARK is here for you. Join ARK’s CEO & CIO, Cathie Wood as she provides a short review during this period of uncertainty related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Stay Healthy. Stay Innovative.

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    • She thinks that maybe China can’t reverse engineer the manufacturing process? Even though they’ve managed to reverse every piece of tech they’ve got their hands on…
      Some of the things she gets away with saying are absolutely ridiculous. Idk why y’all fangirl so hard on her. If you apply a bit of skepticism your outlook may change

  1. Love that you do this Cathie…I get so much hearing from the Zion of Ark Invest… wish more people like you would do this…just gives us a whole insight in to how you are thinking and I commend the transparency

  2. Cathie is the type of woman I deeply respect! I wish there were more like that… thank you for the insightful intelligent analysis!

  3. Thank you for doing these videos. An un-biased report with releastic projections to help a small, new investor. Your time to do this is very helpful and very much appreciated.

  4. One of the major reason I invested in ARK funds big time is related to their uniquely transparent operations. Cathy is insightful not only in seeing promising companies/industries but also in cultivating a strong investment community/culture with positive self feedback which will eventually serve in ARK’s own interest as well! Ingenius!

    It’s something that’s easier said than done. Other major asset managers only publish their researches and articles for promotional purposes only, often requiring payments and still they don’t show the gist of their findings. ARK is the exact opposite. They are trying to create what’s equivalent of “open source project” in software development industry.

    I really hope Cathy and her team stays as they are now. I hope the Resolute or whoever know that excessive greed fucks shits up.

    • @@43lewiswatson it would depend on how things are at the end of the day since the ARK team is fighting back as well. If I think the incentive structure would be changed substantially, then I would cash out. It is a fucking common sense in finance that Resolute might not get that good incentive structure is the key in asset mgmt environment. Fucking nuts. I hope Cathy finds friendly investor quickly and get capitalized from them ASAP

  5. I’m pretty new to investing (since March) and I love how you are sharing your knowledge with us. I could listen to you for days. Thank you so much for this valueable information!

  6. We’ve been informed of and are aware of fraudulent YouTube channels, whether newly created or existing channels that were hacked to impersonate ARK Invest and/or Cathie Wood. ARK will NEVER use YouTube, Twitter, IG or any social media to solicit money, including bitcoin. Any channel or account claiming otherwise or soliciting money or bitcoin is an impersonator or hacker perpetrating a scam and should be reported immediately. ARK is working with the various platforms, including YouTube, to remove impersonator accounts and videos. We encourage you to report any account that may impersonate ARK or our affiliates.

  7. I am happy to say that my daughter attend’s your alma mater and has taken the disruptive innovation class which you graciously founded. I have encouraged take the class again in her final year and sent her a link to your channel: Thank you for being a great inspiration to young girls and women all over the world!


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