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Ray Dalio: STOP Trying to Time the Market

Ray Dalio talks about why you should stop trying to time the market. In this interview with CNBC, Ray Dalio says that "cash is trash" and trying to jump in and out of the market into holding cash is a "fool's game". Ray Dalio has been clear on his thoughts around the economy and inflation. He believes cash is a risky investment due to the fact that inflation erodes the purchasing power of cash. In order invest during inflation and without trying to time the market, Ray Dalio suggests using investing in an "all weather portfolio" that is diversified.

After watching this video you will have a better understanding of the following topics: Ray Dalio's thoughts on inflation, why cash is trash, how to time the stock market, Ray Dalio's investing approach, Ray Dalio's all weather portfolio, and how to diversify your portfolio

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  1. I wish my daughter 15yrs old would listen to your finance wise recommendations. I will give it a try. Thank you for sharing your practical financial information 🌹

  2. His “cash is trash” likely make people too anxious of not buying something in this overvalued market, plus there is so much FOMO around, some people will be influenrenced to jump into high flyer stocks…..which they will regret later on. I believe the short-term loss of holding cash is less risker than jumping into overvalued stocks. Why buy junks just because of inflation fear? Junk stocks erode your wealth in a much greater scale.

  3. The strategy I use is a hybrid of time in and timing the market. I pretty much only buy dividend stocks and deposit the money into my core account rather than reinvesting them. This allows me to not only hunt for deals but if I feel like the market is becoming unstable I can wait a few months for the waters to calm down before putting more money in. So far it’s worked pretty well and currently I’ve beat the S&P.

  4. Ray Dalio’s style and goals are different compared to Buffett Or Munger. That’s why his strategy is different too. Ray Dalio is a Hedge fund manager, his job is to hedge against the market and protect institutions and pensions money, not max returns.

  5. Building a portfolio at 24 and allready own rental property? Wow! Good for you! I started at 31…Also I dont own a rental property. Only my own home and a small piece of forest (15 hectares).

  6. I like the subject matter of these videos, subscribed. Her voice is angelic too. I wish there was a way to have her narrate the other youtubes I watch.

  7. i had a stretch of almost several years where I was convinced the market would fall so largely held out of the market. LOL. What a terrible mistake. But if you hear enough negative stuff, your brain reacts accordingly. Now I mostly ignore all the negative prattle on YouTube and just invest in profitable companies.

  8. Great job and I am with GAPS Coach, I wish my children were as wise on making money work as you are. I especially liked this video discussing Ray’s perspective. I have been investing 36 percent of my portfolio for just over a year in TIPS and the rest in domestic and international stocks. Diversification is and always has been KEY!

  9. Great content, just subscribed to your channel. However, I would like to know where you find the time to make them since you are a hedge fund analyst in a NYC based company 😀

  10. Great vid. It seems like recently Ray was talking about how he’s not a fan of bonds because of inflation. Wondering what your thoughts are on this. Also I like you, I have cash flowing rental real estate in my portfolio. To me that is less risky than stocks especially with the amount of cash flow they produce. Do you think that would be an alternative to bonds? I know your graph had real estate at the top pyramid, depending on what type of real estate this of course. Could be true but low leverage cash flowing real estate in my opinion would be safer than equities?

  11. Excellent presentation! On taxes: The top Federal rate on long term gains is actually 23.8% because of ACA 3.8% on income above AGI of $200,000. The top ordinary tax rate is 40.8% because ACA adder! Then there are STATE taxes on income. In CA income taxes are as high as 13.3%. But of course if you’re very wealthy your tax accountant and lawyers will find a way to reduce the impact of taxes. Taxes are actually biggest enemy of growing wealth in America. Not inflation!


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