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The 1 Video to Expose EVERY Trading Guru & how to spot a fraud

They sure go through a lot of effort to appear profitable when it takes just a few minutes to get yearly broker statements and trade history reports. If the millions they've made selling dreams to vulnerable beginners isn't enough money, I'll pay for the third-party audits on their broker statements. Your guru is not the exception (99.99% of the time).

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Risk disclosure: Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Information in the video and the video's description is accurate as of the date of the video's release, but it's not guaranteed to be accurate after that.


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  1. But iman what about ________ channel? The title of the video and 7 seconds into it is telling you that this video applies to EVERY trading figure. You’ll get your answer in the video and really just in the first couple of minutes. Or/and, you’ll leave here thinking to yourself “Hmmm, yeah, weird that a bunch of marketers are hiding the greatest possible marketing tool of broker statements proving profitability, HMMMMMMMMMMM what could possibly be the reason that they are hiding their true trading performance?”

    Exposing frauds playlist:

    Everything you need to learn can be done for free:

    “Okay, they’re not profitable, but their videos helped me.” You’ve made progress in trading because of the work you’ve put in, not because some YouTuber showed you where to draw lines and rectangles on a chart (which has 0 predictive power, and proof on that here:

    Check out Tom Hougaard’s YouTube channel (Trader Tom) if you want to see what it looks like when a REAL trader has an online presence.

    Whoever you’re thinking of is not the exception (99.99% of the time). They’re marketers, and nothing would be better for marketing than third-party-audited broker statements proving their profitability. It would also solidify everything they’re teaching. Yet, they won’t do it. They have to resort to manipulation tactics to appear profitable (if they make that claim). Broker statements are all that matter. Everything else can be manipulated and/or faked.

    • a lot of fakes out there. though there are some like Relentless Trader and Trading Farmer in small cap space who live stream every day for hours and they are obviously not on sim accounts(for example you cant market order on sim on TOS). also they show plenty of days when they are red.
      the issue from Ross Cameron’s stuff from everything I known that its way overpriced given the success ratio of students.
      truth is even best ‘legit’ courses still will be very hard to make money and you need time and talent to make it work and his isn’t even the best small cap material out there for newbies and its way overpriced(hence the FTC cracked down on him).

    • I really want you to do a video breakdown on Kevin Grego, of The Safety Trade System. He claims his system predicts the future and has over 99% win rate.
      You feel like you’re in an abusive relationship, he’s the abuser. Lol.

  2. Are doing something special, or have unique talents, NO!
    Charisma is quantifiable and manipulation is a moral crossroad whose pad is an easy choice for me.

    This one hit deep

  3. Tanks so much for your time and effort to expose these frauds. I followed two of them and i’m just so happy to have found your channel. You are inspiring and i think very honest. Please keep up.the good work.
    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  4. you’re research and work of putting all of this together for us is invaluable! And thanks for keeping the light-hearted humour! if there is any one else besides you out there, who’s work you appreciate I’d be curious to know.

  5. Thank you Iman for your honesty and integrity. It takes 100x more effort to expose these scammers than to just join the bandwagon and profit from it. But I can assure you that you will have more to gain from educating the public and exposing these individuals than to be a part of it.

  6. Great research, perfect logic, and entertaining delivery – this is the best trading-related video I came across in a long, long time. Charge on! Cheers!

  7. I can’t believe how many things you pointed out that are traits of my current guru Moneyvest. My gut told me things I was reluctant to admit and until you pointed them out I let them slide. With your mentions of some new tactics, bells went off. The ones I realized on my own was “I’m opening up some new positions so hurry” and “”This offer expires in 3 days” then after 4 days the same offer opens up. EACH MONTH. Wow. I thought it was just accepted salesmanship.If they do just one solid recognizable scam—why wouldn’t they do more. My eyes are more open and looking.Thank you sincerely, A new subscriber.

  8. I literally know absolutely nothing about this world. But I’ve been looking into it a bit today and THIS video is the most informative. You’re such a good researcher and content creator 👏🏽

  9. Thank you so much, mate! I am just diving into the world of Forex Trading world, & you have just opened my eyes to a lot of the people I have been watching & listening to these past 2 weeks.

    I am 100% new to trading & you have shown me these guys have tried to sell me false hope (I haven’t paid for anything from anyone). Thank you for waking me up.

    I like how you are blunt, straightforward & stand up for your beliefs, helping others who actually have a brain. You are the GOAT.

  10. I watched a couple of your videos. Could almost immediately sense some sort of honesty in your voice and your jokes. Transparency seems to be a blessing in todays world. I hate when i listen to someone and they sound like they’re trying to sell me on the legitamacy of their statements. love y’all people who speak what they truly believe to be true and i hope that there’s reason for honesty in this world

  11. so like me… a lot of money gone in thanks to a guru advice, don’t wanna say how much, but it took years to work for it… kept my hope, reached out to a law firm (boyle and jasari in DC)… then boom, a few months later, got it all back… still can’t wrap my head around it… so glad… they really flipped my situation… was in deep despair, you wouldn’t believe, and now back to being happy… 😁😁 fight for your right guys! you can get all back – by the so called guru
    edit: added name


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