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The PERFECT Portfolio? Ray Dalio’s All-Weather Portfolio – How We Can Use It?

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In this video, we look at Ray Dalio's All-Weather Portfolio to see how it works and how we can use it for ourselves.

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  1. @Learn to Invest | Jimmy, I just listened to a podcast (released today, Dec 19) on the show “We Study Billionaires.” They interviewed a couple guys who had direct connections to Dalio, but broke off to start their own business. They created an ETF that aims to hold this “all weather portfolio” / risk parity portfolio. The ticker is RPAR. It’s a way to use this strategy with just one ETF, without going through a hedge fund.

  2. I’ve used the All Weather Portfolio as a primary part of my investment strategy since 2017. I’m very happy with it and recommend it to others. I think you’ll improve your CAGR (compound annual growth rate) if you use the following ETFs. Equities, VTI or VOO I use VOO, Long term bonds, TLT, Short term bonds IEF, Gold (I’m agnostic) GLD or BAR and Commodities DBC. This mix of ETFs has returned greater than 9% since 2017. My expectations are to average 9% over the long term. I’m strictly buy-hold-rebalance. Side note in 2020 the max-drawdown this portfolio had was 3.86% which occurred on October 31, 2020.

  3. I really like this portfolio. I’ve used it for years for 6 months of emergency money.

    Thanks for the tip on BAR, I hadn’t heard of that.

    Instead of GLD, I’ve been using IAU.

    Instead of GSG, I’ve been using DBC.

    Instead of IEI, I’ve been using TLH (which is a little more volatile but performs better in the long run).

    And personally, I prefer VOO over VTI, but sometimes VTI does do better so it’s almost 6 one way, half a dozen another.

    I’ve also made a slightly modified version for myself that I call the Fryer Pie. 35% VOO, 40% TLT, 10% TLH, and 15% IAU.

  4. The face you made when you said “stocks tend to be a SEXIER investment” 😂😂 love your content btw man! I’ve made about 10% since first opening an account in June, and I’ve used this allocation plan with help from many of your videos. 👏🏼 keep going sir, the value of your content is massive


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