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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Timing Entries & Exits for Momentum/Trend Trading

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💰Remember, day trading is risky and most traders lose money. You should never trade with money you can't afford to lose. Prove profitability in a simulator before trading with real money.

💪My results are not typical. Do not mirror trade me, or anyone else. Mirror trading is extremely risky

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:24 Free Strategy Download
00:04:01 Disclaimer of RISK
00:05:10 Momentum Stock Checklist
00:10:35 Stock Scanners for Momenutm
00:11:01 Chart Patterns
00:16:36 Entry Strategies
00:22:50 Diagram of Entries
00:27:19 Order Types
00:28:39 Exit Strategies
00:33:39 Live Trading – Bull Flag
00:50:29 Live Trading – Micro Pullback
01:02:06 Live Trading – Pullback vs High of Day
01:06:58 Live Trading – First 1min Candle Breakout
01:12:01 Live Trading – VWAP Breakout
01:15:20 Micro Pullback Strategy PDF
01:17:44 Q&A

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  1. The best trading execution video I have ever seen….What an excellent teacher you are Ross! Thank you so much!

    • Great video!! Thanks for sharing! Quick question, on the ACB example you mentioned the stacking of the sellers at 16.51 but you didn’t sell. Can you elaborate your thought process of seeing that stacking but holding through it? I really appreciate all of the content!

    • Thank you so much. This whole market has become my obsession over the last 8mnths that I finally got into after years of debating..I’m going for consistency over huge lumps.if I do make massive gains cool, but I’d rather be consistent and.steadiky grow

  2. Hey Ross, I blindly traded a $150 account down to $7, and then thought, maybe I should learn about the stock market before I trade anymore. Anyways, after hours and hours of studying and watching videos and learning about charts and patterns and everything else (mostly your videos) I have now turned that $7 into almost $45 in just about a month and a half. Thank you for your content. I am going to take your class, I just can’t right now because of work. But, thanks for your information that you provide!

  3. This is incredibly hard to execute but is trading perfection fine tuned over years and years of practice. Your ability to teach is second-to-none. Great lesson!

  4. I honestly can’t believe you shared this without charging. This was gold for me. So many pieces of information came together for me just within the first 13 minutes (yes I’m really that bad at this).

  5. This is easily the most valuable video Ross ever released. It validated some things I’ve been doing and also filled in some holes.

  6. Gotta say, just started watching your videos… been a while now been and have been learning so much and getting better in my simulator and feel more confident the more I study. I will definitely look into enrolling into WT Pro in the near future. Great content.

  7. Your knowledge has been so so so useful to a new trader looking to soak as much info as possible before dipping my hand into the market! Thanks lots Ross

  8. Thank you and I appreciate that you take the time to help other pple learn I have been trying to learn off and on for 2-3 years now and you really have been essential to closing the gaps for me ❤

  9. I did it; I timed my exits and entries perfectly! It took three years! I get it now, but I bought only tops for about a year, that made me a natural at shorting!!❤


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