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Warren Buffet explains how one could’ve turned $114 into $400,000 by investing in S&P 500 index.

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  1. The markets are been propped up by the FED printing money with NO limit, every time the Market blips down the FED dumps cash into the dip. I see any market condition as an opportunity so far I’ve made over $505k in raw profits from just q4 of 2021 Am I selling? Absolutely not. I have purchased growth stocks too a little at a time over the past few weeks. I am going to sit back and observe how this all plays out.

    • It’s a sick game but you learn to play or stay poor for life. I hate that companies only provide 401k in stock markets that crash every 5-10-15 years. This just steals so much of hardworking peoples life savings and it’s disgusting. I hate it but you either understand the machine or you are just numb to it when it happens.

    • @@biancanigel6954 Everything reeks economic collapse and recession, good thing is people are getting to know cash/fiat is pretty much stone age at this point, it is designated to fail eventually, 3 BEST and surprisingly easy ways to double or hold your funds in this economy; Physical silver, Gold, Who can guess the 3rd??

    • @@reginastanfield7061 My portfolio is very much diversified so it’s not like i have a particular fund i invest in. plus i don’t do that myself was guided by SEC regulated investment adviser “Susan Agnes Hancock” she’s quite the genius in portfolio diversification and guidance, my portfolio just mirrors what she trades and not just on some particular industries of my choosing. I’ve made over $505k in raw profits from just q4 of 2021.

    • @@chrismillson2779 By following trades do you mean copying her trades, as is done in etoro? hope i don’t have to hand my funds over. Just looked her up and found out she is registered in the US, Does she have a minimum to work with?

    • @@LuisVargas-ih5vm I can’t give anyone my money and i will advise you not to do that. My account just mirrors her trades & I don’t really know if she has a minimum, but you can contact her on her official webpage and ask about that.

    • @@Bilcat What’s the point of being that wealthy at 90. At that age you don’t care about material possession. You care about your family and your legacy.

    • @@rogeliorodriguez8075 yes exactly , legacy! You don’t want to be a burden to your family by not having saved anything but by having money you can can leave a good legacy behind

    • @@Bilcat I don’t believe you should aim to leave your family an enormous inheritance, it’s a detriment. You should enable your kids to be self sufficient and leave them with strong values, timeless lessons, and good memories.

  2. Just because they are great opportunities in the stocks market doesn’t mean you should go in blindly. To understand the potential factors that contribute to your financial growth, I’ll advise you to seek the help of a professional.

    • You are right! I diversified my portfolio across multiple markets with the aid and guidance of a professional advisor “John Desmond Heppolette” and I have been able to generate over $520k in net profit across high dividends yield stocks, ETF and bonds in eight months.

    • I was curious after reading what you shared, so I quickly made a google search of his full names, I came across his webpage. My portfolio suffered a big hit, holding it further won’t be any good. I’ve heard of people netting hundreds of thousands this red season I’m really glad to see this…

    • Sir John Desmond Heppolette, is highly qualified and knowledgeable financial advisor who has helped me in navigating the complexities of investing, his insights and recommendations have been instrumental in growing my portfolio..

    • Learning is crucial for success in investing. Keeping up with current trends and strategies can help investors stay ahead of the curved and make informed decisions. I’m glad to hear that John Desmond Heppolette strategies and insights have been helpful to most of us. Remember success in investing takes time and effort, but with dedication, commitment and discipline is achievable..

    • John Desmond Heppolette, really seem to know this stuff. I found his online-page, read through his resume, educational background, qualifications and it was really impressive. I left him a note and booked a call session with him..

  3. To those saying that waiting 80 years is probably more than your life, you are correct. This is more so an example to show the power of compounding. Even over 20-40 years, compounding will do wonders for a diversified portfolio.

  4. Please I need someone to help me trade or invest the forex or crypto market because I’m tired of trading in losses myself. I’ve blown my account twice and it’s frustrating..

    • Most people today have been having a lot of failures in forex and crypto because of poor orientation and bad experts.

    • That’s true. Its really needful for beginners not to settle for videos alone or they will see themselves losing all their money just like me when I newly started trading with this videos here on Youtube

    • Since meeting Expert Layla, I now agree that with an expert managing your portfolio, the rate of profit is high, with less risk.

    • I met Expert Mrs Layla earlier this year for the first time at a conference in London, I invested £25,000 and traded in one month making close to £90,000

    • I thought my family and relations are the only one trading with Mrs Layla trading services and analysis? I gues her good reputation and profitable brokerage services now speaks for her!

  5. 51 years old. I have $295,588.25 in my Fidelity retirement account. I cranked my contributions up to 35% and I do all the investing on my own. Fidelity just holds my ETFs/stocks. I made that change earlier this year. I’m hoping to end the rat race by 60 but it’s looking more like 63-ish. I want to have $1.5M and bring in about $60k in dividends each year. Pedal to the floor! Thanks for the video. Great content.

    • investors should exercise caution with their exposure and exercise caution when considering new investments, particularly during periods of inflation. It is advisable to seek guidance from a professional or trusted advisor in order to navigate this recession and achieve potential high yields.

    • I agree, having a portfolio-advisor for investing is genius! Not long ago amidst the pandemic crash in March 2020, I was really having investing nightmare prior touching base with a license portfolio-advisor. In a nutshell, i’ve accrued over $550k with the help of my advisor from an initial $120k investment thus far.

    • @@hunter-bourke21 I’ve been thinking of going that route been holding on to a bunch of stocks that keeps tanking and I don’t know if to keep holding or just dump them, do think your Fin-coach could guide me with portfolio-restructuring as i wouldn’t mind a recommendation.

    • My advisor is “Camille Alicia Garcia, A renowned figure in her line of work. I recommend researching her credentials further. She has many years of experience and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the financial market.

    • Thanks, I just googled her I’m really impressed with her credentials. I reached out to her since I need all the assistance I can get.

  6. My portfolio has been dwindling despite the S&P 500 doing well. It’s frustrating. About *30%* of my *$580K* portfolio has been lost in 4 months. How do I turn this around?

    • Maybe it’s time to reassess your portfolio and see if there are any adjustments or diversification strategies you could consider to align it better with the current market trends. It’s best you consult with an expert.

    • Having an investment advis0r is the best way to go about the st0ck market right now, especially for near retirees, I’ve been in touch with a coach for awhile now and I made over *$800K* from an initial *450K* since Q2

    • I’ve been looking to switch, but have been kind of relaxed about it. Could you recommend your advis0r? I’ll be happy to use some help.

  7. Since we’re approaching April, one of the best months to buy stocks. I am currently holding north of $300k in a savings account waiting to invest in another huge opportunity.. Where would you invest this as of now?

    • Look for stocks that have paid steady, increasing dividends for years (or decades), and have not cut their dividends even during recessions. Alternatively speaking to a certified market strategist can help with strategies to hedge losses

    • Agreed, my portfolio is well-matched for every market season yielding 85% from early last year to date. I and my advisr are working on a 7 figure ballpark goal, tho this could take another year. IMO, financial advisors are the most sought-after professionals after doctors.

    • Your CFP must be really good, I hope it’s okay to inquire if you’re still collaborating with the same CFP and how I can get in touch with them?

    • That would be Monica Shawn Marti. You should look her up, I say. To be honest, I almost didn’t think I should, but I’m glad I decided to let someone handle growing my finances.

    • Thank you! I entered her full name into my browser, and her website came out on top. I filled her form and i hope she gets back to me soon.

  8. I was advised to diversify my portfolio among several assets such as stocks and bonds since this can protect my inherited portfolio of about $2.5m. I’m used to just buying and holding assets which doesn’t seem applicable to the current rollercoaster market plus inflation is catching up with my portfolio. I’m really worried about survival after retirement.

    • True, I mostly just buy and hold stocks, but my portfolio has been mostly in the red for quite awhile now. Unfortunately to be able to make good gains, you’ll need to be consistent and restructure your portfolio frequently.

    • In my opinion, it was much easier investing back in the 60s but it’s a lot trickier now, those making consistent profit in these times are professionals reason I’ve been using an advisor for the past 5 years to consistently build my portfolio in preparations for retirement.

    • My partner’s been considering going the same route, could you share more info please on the advisor that guides you?

    • Sonya lee Mitchell is the licensed fiduciary I use. Just research the name. You’d find necessary details to work with a correspondence to set up an appointment.

    • I just googled her and I’m really impressed with her credentials; I reached out to her since I need all the assistance I can get. I just scheduled a caII.

    • The first step to attaining wealth is figuring out your goaIs and risk toIerance – either on your own or with the heIp of a financiaI pIanner, and foIIowing through with an inteIIigent pIan, you wiII gain financiaI growth over the years and enjoy the benefits of managing your money.

    • I am fortunate I made productive decisions that changed my finances (gathered over 1M in 2years) through my financiaI planner. Got my 2nd house in Feb, and hoping to retire soon.

  9. I started investing in stocks at 18, grew portfolio to $600k by 33. Recently, lost over 30% and want to mitigate risks. Also, planning to buy a home soon and want portfolio to grow. What should I do?

    • Dont think here is the place for personalized investment guidance. However, I suggest consulting with a reliable advisor to ensure appropriate investment planning.

    • True. I’ve been investing in the stock market for 11 years now, last 5 years with the help of a financial advisor. Through this period of advisory support alone, I’ve been fortunate enough to achieve a 10x return compared to my previous efforts as a DIY investor, summing up nearly $1m roi as of today. My best so far.

    • I admit I’m scared about retirement as I turn 60 on my next birthday. I need to ensure I have enough money to survive on. How can I consult your advisor? My retirement account isn’t performing well.

    • ‘Kristin Amber Landis’ is the licensed advisor I use. Just research the name. You’d find necessary details to work with to set up an appointment.

    • Thanks for sharing. I curiously searched for her full name and her website popped up immediately. I looked through her credentials and did my due diligence before contacting her.

  10. I currently have a $280k stock portfolio consisting of 33% S&P, 33% Total stock, and 33% international. I feel a need to focus on complete growth so I went 100% stocks, but does the SP500 and QQQ overlap too much to make sense holding both?

    • You might also follow a lots stocks across other industries. I’ll advise you to work with a financial advisor who can assist you decide when is the best to buy and sell the shares or ETFs you want to acquire since you don’t have to act on every forecast.

    • No doubt, having the right plan is invaluable, my portfolio is well-matched for every season of the market and recently hit 100% rise from early last year. I and my CFP are working on a 7 figure ballpark goal, tho this could take till Q3 this year.

    • that’s a double up in two years! seeing a lot of news on the rally, investors will make tons of profit with the right picks. would you mind disclosing info of this person guiding you please? my problem is I do not trust my guts in today’s mkt

    • *Sharon Lynne Hart* is the licensed advisor I use. Just search the name. You’d find necessary details to work with to set up an appointment.

  11. 100% agreed, my so called target retirement fund in 401k had absolutely terrible return compared to sp500. I moved all to sp500 but biggest regret of my life I didn’t do it sooner..What else is best way for me to invest $100k in a non-retirement account?

    • I would avoid index funds, mutual funds, and specific stocks for the time being. Right now, the best option is a fixed income of 5%.

    • you need a certified financial planner straight up! personally, I invest in ETF’s and also love investing in individual stocks. yes it’s riskier but am comfortable in my financial environment

    • Right, a lot of folks downplay the role of advisors until being burnt by their emotions, no offense. During the covid-outbreak, I needed a good boost to stay afloat, hence researched for advisors and thankfully came across one with grit. As of today, my portfolio has grown by 25% every quarter since Q3 2020.

    • @84gaynor I’m intrigued by this. I’ve searched for financial advisors online but it’s kind of hard to get in touch with one. Okay if I ask you for a recommendation?

    • *Jennifer Leigh Hickman* has always been on the top of my list..She is regarded as a genius in her area and well knowledgeable about financial markets. I highly recommend you check her out if you want excellent collaboration


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